How Much Water Per Day Camping

Water is a necessity when going camping. You will need water for basically everything other than just drinking. For example, if you are going to cook while outdoors, you will need water. Campers spending more than one day in the wild will also need water to wash and shower as well.

So how much water do I need to bring while camping? This is a pretty hard question. There are many different opinions on how much water you need per day while camping.

For drinking, half a gallon or two liters per person will be enough.

In this article, we’ve simplified and estimated how much water can be used per day to sustain you all through the camping days.

1. Drinking-Water

Keeping hydrated is important when outdoors. The average amount of water per person per day camping is eight glasses. If you are camping alone, one gallon is enough to sustain you for a day. However, if you are tagging along with friends or family, multiply the number of people around to know the exact gallons you need per day. Not everyone will consume the same amount, but a gallon should last a person the whole day.

How Much Water Per Day Camping

2. Water For Cooking Food

If you are on no-cook camping, you will realize that you do not need a lot. For the cooking purpose, some foods will require more water than others. Boiling foods will take much water compared to foods that only need a little water to stay moist. Coffee lovers will need more water as well if you enjoy a cup of coffee every time.

The amount you require for your cooking depends on the types of foods to be cooked. Do estimation of what’s going to be enough. It is better to bring in excess than struggle fetching water in the woods. Foods that don’t have water in them, like cereals and powdered foods, will require extra water to have them ready to eat.

3. Water For Cleaning Purposes

Water is not just for drinking purposes but for cleaning as well. You will need to clean the dirty dishes and the cook pots. Washing them requires a lot of water if you frequently cook throughout the day. In case you are not using disposable plates, carrying extra water will be necessary.

Other than just dishes, you will also need to take a shower after a long day of hiking or exploring the woods. Bathing helps you feel relaxed after a long and tiresome day. Depending on your showering routine, you will need extra water to keep fresh.

Dirty clothes also need to get washed. If you are staying for several days, you will need a change of clothes. To get the washing done, you will need enough water both for washing and rinsing. Have enough water for everyone camping. The chances are that you won’t need much water for washing clothes if you do not intend to clean every day.

4. Water At The Campsite

Some campsites have access to water. It reduces the amount of water you need to carry. If your camp is at a place near water bodies, you can use more of it and find yourself using more than someone taking water from home. The water in the campsites can be used for cleaning purposes. It may not be the safest to drink.

5. The Climate

Camping is an all-weather outdoor activity. The amount of water you require in a day depends on the season. Hot summer days require a lot of water to keep up with the hot temperatures and help you stay hydrated. Our body needs to stay hydrated more in hot weather than cold days. Since our bodies need to stay hydrated in a day, you’ll consume more water if the temperatures are high.

How Much Water Per Day Camping

6. Are You Camping With Pets?

Pets are a man’s best friend. They also require water, though not much as we humans need it. Camping with your pet means you will need extra gallons of water. The pets will also need to stay hydrated. For this reason, have water standby for them daily. When the weather is hot, you will find that they also need a lot of water for hydration. If you are sure how much water your dog takes, you can use it for estimation.

7. The Number Of Campers

As earlier said in this article, how much water is needed when camping depends on the number of campers. The health of the campers also determines the amount of water required. For example, people with underlying health issues require a certain amount of water to keep hydrated. Camping with children also requires extra water per day.

8. Activity Level

Your activity levels determine how much water you require in a day. Hiking can make you thirstier and sweatier at the same time. To keep hydrated each time, you will need extra gallons of water. On the other hand, campers who sit and enjoy the natural beauty will need much less water than hikers. Intense activities require a fair amount of water usage per day. A more extensive trip will call for much water than when you are just solo camping.

So How Much Does One Need Per Day?

Various factors determine how much water a camper needs per day. One gallon of water is required per person on a day if you are camping at a moderate temperature. It would be best if you have more than enough water to not run of water to use. You will also need water for doing things other than drinking.

Do not go thirsty because you carried less water to sustain you for a day. Water is needed for personal hygiene, drinking, and also for cooking. The factors discussed above make you know how much water you need for your camping trip. Water is never enough, even with the correct estimation. Bring one gallon of water for drinking for one person and several extra gallons for other things. Different camping methods require an additional amount of water per day, and there is never an exact estimation of how much water is needed.



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