surviving in the wild

Have you seen the movie “surviving in the wild“?

The movie taught us how essential it is to know about surviving the wilderness

If exploring the wild nature is your hobby.  And you love to take hiking trips or spending nights in camps. You should be aware that these adventures come with danger. 

Sometimes accidents happen, and unpredictable scenarios leave you stuck in nowhere. 

But if you caught in shit hit the fan situation, then you better need not to get panic instead,

  • To be calm and act patiently.
  • Focus on what to do next?
  • Make a plan for the survival of the wilderness.

It would be best if you got ready before heading out for an adventure. It will not only help you survive but save your partner’s life as well.

surviving in the wild

Survival Tips In The Wild

If you are one of the heroic people, look at the tips and tricks to cope with wilderness survival.


You heard it many times; water is the necessity of the human body until you need the urge of thirst in an emergency.

Do you know, a person can cope for a hundred hours without water? 

But it all depends on the temperature outside.

How much water supplies you have, you will get out of it. Before creating any panic, you should know the measures of collecting water rather than running for it.

  • Digging: Dig until you find some moisture, put a bowl over it, and then pour it into the bottle.
  • By dew drops: you see the dew drops on plants early in the morning. But who knows that can help you in collecting water. Use a shirt and absorb the moisture and pour into the bottle or squeeze it into your mouth directly.
  • Under the rocks: you should be assured to find the moisture under the stones. Take a piece of cloth and press over the dew left, and voila, you are good to go.
  • Mountains: where there are mountains, the stream is on its way. Better to find peaks and then follow them.
  • Thirsty stream: dig in the dry streams to find out the moisture left underneath.
  • Horny plant: cactus can satisfy your water needs. It has a significant amount of water to hydrate your body.

surviving in the wild

Boiling Water 

The water of the stream or pond is highly contaminated. One cannot drink it without disinfecting. For purifying, you need a metal container, which is the easiest way to boil water.

What if you don’t own a metal container? You should know other options for boiling water for outdoor survival. It would be best if you made a boiling pit, and here are the instructions to build it.

  • Dig a hole of a maximum of two feet in length and width and two feet deep down.
  • Clay and soil should both segregate.
  • Cover the hole with clay adequately, so there are no cracks.
  • Now fill up the hole appropriately with water.
  • Using fire, heat the rocks and put them in the hole for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. It then helps water to boil.

Build A Shelter For Surviving In The Wild

You are covered with darkness and danger all around. You need some shelter to hide, stay safe and dry.

Firstly, explore the area. Is it safe to stay? Are there any animals living nearby?

Secondly, find a place It would help if you can cover yourself with a rock or any broken tree. It will protect you from the blowing wind at night.

  • Find out the longer and broader branches of trees.
  • Bend them on any of the fallen rocks or a tree without considering the height of the shelter. You can curl yourself to get in it.
  • The gaps between the branches can fill with smaller ones.
  • The leaves and clutter will fill up the other space to cover the shelter.
  • You can put dry leaves on the floor to sleep peacefully. 
  • You can dig a hole in the desert and cover it with clothing to stay away from the sun.


When your belly is empty, you are more frustrated to cope with any of the situations. Before crying with a tummy ache, find some food for wilderness survival

Before showing off your hunting skills, you instead prepare for some other options as well. You should know about edible plants or some other options like insects or animals.

Thinking about these options is gross. What will happen if you are eating? 

Insects contain the highest amount of proteins so that they can make you full for an extended period. You can also hunt a mammal and roast it on your campfire.

How To Lit A Fire As Survival Skills

Fire is a vital fact of survival in terms of food, warmth, and keeping animals away. There are methods to lit fire without any matchstick. The easiest of all is the bow drill method.

  • Firstly, you need to make a fire pit similar to the water pit but with a deeper hole.
  • Secondly, you need to fill up the pit with dry leaves and cover it with the stones.
  • Then you need to make a bow drill, collect the rock with a divot. Make a hole in the wood with the stone.
  • For now, finding a curvy branch and bind with a shoelace.
  • Place everything in the pit.
  • In the end, hold the branch and the divot. Spin the drill while moving the bow. It will generate resistance, which will lead to a flame.

surviving in the wild

Tips To Prepare Survival Kit 

You should always be ready for any mishap. Therefore wherever you move, your travel kit should be up to date. 

Things you should carry with you are:

  • A knife
  • Flashlight
  • Power bank for mobile
  • Matchstick or lighter
  • Bandage
  • Duct tapes
  • Water bottles
  • Some gloves
  • Jacket 
  • An oversized shawl or a blanket
  • Dry fruits 

Last Verdict: Surviving In The Wild

If you are keen to travel around, always be ready for the worst to happen. 

There are many other survival techniques that you can learn and make your trip memorable.

You can update your survival kit with medicines, some gadgets, or any sports item as well.


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