Build To Survive

What does build to survive to mean?

Everyone thinks about the mishap, but no one knows about survival. If you are tangled in the situation, it will take some time to get everything sorted out. It seems easy, but it is not.

Remember! To cope with any of the situations, you should first control your sentiments.

Take a deep breath and fasten your seatbelt to start your roller coaster journey.

It means to stay calm and think about what to do next?

Some Tips To Build And Survive

Some useful and practical tips can help you to survive. But you have to learn them and make a list. 

Not All The Fruits Are Edible

You should have enough knowledge of food before heading out for a trip.

You will see hundreds of trees out there in the jungle, but not all of them are edible.

Berries are always the right choice. But remember, all the berries are not sweet; some are toxic as well.

Therefore, blue and black colored berries are for eating.

Build To Survive

Build To Survive Stimulator

Fire is a basic necessity to build and survive. It is used for making food, warmth, and to seek help.

There are ways to make the stove:

  • The simplest form is to use woods.
  • Then you can make a stove by creating an L shape with bricks.
  • Make a side open where you put wood, just like a chimney.
  • You can easily make food on it.

How To Cleanse Water

It would help if you bought some water purification essentials before traveling. 

  • Iodine tablets help your water free of all the bacteria.
  • You need two tablets, and you are good to go.
  • You can either use chlorine to clean the water used for washing your face or brushing your teeth.
  • If it’s not drinkable because of the stink of chlorine. You can buy a bottle with a filter inserted online; it is a convenient option.

Which Edible Foods Build To Survive?

Not only fruits or animals are your food, but do you know the trees’ shells are edible too.

Isn’t this an exciting fact that you can eat the skin of a tree?

How can you eat it?

  • Scrape the bark of the tree
  • You will see some milky part, cut it with a knife.
  • Boil it, and your lunch is ready.
  • Roast it to make it a snack
  • But remember, not every bark is for eating.

When It’s Difficult To Lit Fire?

Due to rain or winter season, the soil of the ground has moisture underneath. It does not light the fire to light.

For this situation, you can layer the ground with rocks or add a cane as a barrier between land and fire.

Build To Survive

What To Do When You Are Out Of Fire?

You can use some chemicals built to survive stimulators for fire.

How to create fire with chemicals? 

When you are out of fire and nothing works

  • Take out some chlorine you bought for water.
  • Find out some car fluid or oil.
  • Mix them both
  • It will build the perfect hassle-free flame.

Ran Out Of Water

You ran out of water reservations and had no option left, even if you are tired of finding it as well.

Now you feel your body needs only water as no water means death. What are the other options for water?

You will be amazed that a fish can hydrate your water satisfaction.

 You can not drink salty water, hunt a fish.

  • Take a knife and throb it behind the head of fish.
  • The fluid will pop out.
  • Drain the liquid and drink it all the way
  • Drink that spinal fluid as it is not harmful.
  • Something is better than nothing.

Shelter To Build And Survive

When you are trapped or out for a picnic, you need someplace to stay.

In the wild or woods, you explore and build up a shelter. What if the weather is rainy? You hunt for the safest spot.

While roaming around, you discover a cave and make that your shelter. What things to check before staying in the cave?

  • Firstly, check out any fur, smell, or any animal that has died. It will tell you whether any animal is staying or not.
  • Observe the area for a while, then move in.
  • Never let the flame inside because it disturbs the rock and will smash your head.
  • Lastly, no other animal had a habitat near the den.

Carbon Monoxide

It is the gas we exhale and useful for plants, not for humans.

Is it safe to sleep while the flame is on in the shelter?

The answer is not at all. Because the gas produced can make you sleep forever.

It’s better to light the fire out of the cave, or open side of the shelter, or where there is adequate ventilation.

How To Protect Yourself To Survive?

Living in a place where everywhere is a danger. A little movement in the background can scare you to the core.

You have to protect yourself from animals like the lion, wolf, and many more.

The predators are searching for food, and you can become their dinner if you don’t take precautions.

  • To protect yourself, make a barrier.
  • Use some thorny plants and wrap them around the shelter.
  • It will help you stay safe from wolves to some extent.

Life-Saving Hacks

Some hacks can help you at the time of survival:

  • If you are out of the water, then take a cloth rub on the dewdrops on plants. Squeeze it into the bottle.
  • No fire, then take vaseline and cotton balls with you. Dip the vaseline and spark it. There will be a flame in any circumstances.
  • To check the plant, whether it is toxic or not. Rub it on your arm or lips, leave it for a few hours. No reaction means you can eat.


You can acquire extensive knowledge from the above article about build to survive.

It is not as simple as it is written. It would be best if you focused on things to get out of a dreadful situation.


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