How to Heat a Tent with a Candle

A candle is a source of heat that usually gives little energy. It is an inexpensive way to heat a tent in cases where electricity is absent. Although there are so many ways of heating a ten, a candle is an option a camper considers using when it’s cold and there is no electricity. Candles are slow when it comes to heating anything. Many people are unaware it can be of great help when it comes to heating a tent. Below are several ways on how to heat a tent with a candle.

Candle Lantern

Candle lanterns have been around for ages, and they provide a great way to heat a tent. Modern technology allows companies to manufacture better and improved lanterns that are very safe to use in a tent. These portable lanterns help provide the light you need and also keep your tent warm.

A great example of a company manufacturing such lanterns is UCO. Well, UCO Deluxe lanterns can be used as an alternative heat to warm many things. You get to warm not only the tent but some light foods and drinks such as coffee. If you are looking forward to having a warm tent, a candle lantern should be your top priority.

A candle lantern needs its candles to work. For this reason, you will need to have several candles on standby.

How to Heat a Tent with a Candle

DIY Heating Candle

If you run out of commercial candle heaters or want to be more skillful, you can create the candle heater by yourself and use it to warm your tent. This heating method works by creating heat with tea lights, and as they heat, there is air flowing between the smaller and the larger pot. The air then escapes through the hole created at the top of the flipped bigger flower pot. Air also gets to get out through the ventilation designed at the bottom.

One good thing about using this method is that you can use the regular household methods without purchasing special tools. There are no special tools required in making this candle heater, just a few essential things that are locally available in the store.

Things You Will Need

      • A large clay flower pot with a free bottom
      • Small-sized flower pot
      • Candle holding containers
      • Four candles


      • Place the containers inside the containers, either made of glass or ceramic material. The materials need to fireproof; using a plastic container will burn.
      • Light the candles and then take the smaller flower pot placing it over the candles. The clay pot should be facing upside down and with no gaps or holes at the bottom.

Keep the Pot Elevated

Place the small pot in an upside-down position and place it over the candles. Depending on the size of the flower pot, you might want to keep it raised a little bit. You keep it raised when it is small or even if it looks bigger.

There should be room for allowance to keep the candles burning. A pot that covers the candles without leaving some room for air circulation will make the candles die quickly. There needs to be the presence of oxygen to keep the flame burning.


Take the large clay pot and flip it over, ensuring it stays on top of the smaller ones. When you get done, you get to complete the process of making a candle heater.

Having the candle inside the pots enables the pot to acquire the heat that the candles give off while illuminating. Retain this heat if you want enough heat to keep a tent warm. The inner pot gets some heating as the candles burn. It will get scorching compared to the outer one.

Though this method is a slow one when you want maximum warmth on a tent, it takes time, but it’s worth having nothing. Are you wondering how it works? There is a conventional current when their air in between the pots as the heat of the candle. It is this current that works to emit the heat created from the flower pots and releases it outside to bring warm air to the tent.

Place the Tea Lights on a Tray

It is the second way you can use tea lights to heat a tent without placing them on a pot. It is a quick and straightforward method that doesn’t require much setup. All you have to do is find a flat surface like a tray and arrange the lit candles on top. You can then place the tray somewhere safe to avoid accidentally burning the tent. This method requires one to be extremely cautious.

Safety Precautions to Take

Working with a tent comes with some risk. The material of the tent makes it flammable, and therefore you need to take precautions when handling the fabric near a source of the fire. Safety is equally important when doing anything on the camp. These methods of heating a tent with a candle involve bringing then candles inside the tent.

Some tent is fire resistant due to the coating in them. But that doesn’t mean you should be worried about some risks that may arise due to the fire. It is good not to take any chances. Handle the candle with care to prevent starting a mini fire due to carelessness. If you end you have the wrong setup, you could e posing a fire hazard.

A candle may not be the most efficient way to heat a tent, but it is worth giving it a try. The little energy it produces is enough to keep one warm for a couple of hours. There is more than one option to making sure you stay warm when you decide to go with the candle method. Whichever method you choose to use among the ones discussed above, make sure you are practicing caution. A tent has a highly flammable fabric, and therefore, safety is of paramount importance in any method you decide to try out while camping.


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