How To Wash Hunting Clothes

Wearing your hunting clothes is not a big deal. The best thing is to take care of your clothes. But washing your hunting clothes is a unique treatment itself.

You can not wash them with the usual detergent at home because it may harm the fiber.

Are you a keen hunter? Do you love to wear neat and clean clothes?

You don’t know the way to clean your clothes. You are at the right spot to understand how should you wash new hunting clothes?

How To Wash Hunting Clothes

The new hunting dresses contain Ultra Violet brighteners. The rays help the animals to detect humans. They can help see them in the dark. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your dress first.

You should not use the famous detergent advertised on television because they contain strong chemicals. Either the softener in the commercial is highly scented.

Technique On How To Wash Hunting Clothes

There are different methods on how should you wash new hunting clothes.

Cleaning Your Washer

The best way to wash your hunting clothes is by washing machine rather than your hands.

      • Firstly, before adding hunting clothes, you should clean the machine to remove any previous detergent or softener residue.
      • Start the washer by adding hot water and some cleaning tablets.
      • Lastly, the cycle is completed; air dries it for a while.

Cold Water Cycle

You need to add clothes to the washing machine.

      • Now add up the hunter’s laundry detergent recommended other than the normal one with UV brighteners.
      • The cold water is added because hot water can result in shrunk clothes.
      • Either the hot water can make the buttons lose on the dress.
      • The temperature of the water can prevent the colors from fading.

Another Round Of Cycle

You need to learn how to wash hunting clothes with baking soda.

      • Firstly add the machine with water.
      • Secondly, add one cup of baking soda to it.
      • Then put in the clothes and run the second cycle.
      • It will help you prevent the odor and either any remaining detergent resting in clothes.

What Are Best Laundry Detergent For Hunting Clothes

To wash clothes for hunting laundry detergent without UV brighteners.

Nikwax For Hunting Clothes

The best laundry detergent without ultraviolet brightener in the market is Nikwax tech wash.

It is the most useful to wash the tough blood stains or any mud stains present on the clothes. It also helps to distinguish any odor of smoke.

It is an odorless detergent as well.

How to use:

      • You can directly pour the Nikwax with a sponge or any brush to remove the hard stains.
      • Open up all the zips and accessories of the clothes.
      • Follow the steps written on the bottle.

Borax Powder

Borax is the natural ingredient used to wash away the stains from your clothes. There are two ways to use borax powder, helping in how to wash hunting clothes.

      • The first way is to mix one cup of borax powder with one cup of baking powder.
      • Add both of them into the machine and let them wash.
      • After finishing the cycle, rest for several minutes.
      • Then rinse the clothes.

Another method is to make scent-free soap for hunting.

      • You need a hunting soap bar that you will grate into a gallon of boiling water.
      • Add 20 mule team borax for hunting clothes.
      • Further, put one cup of washing soda with 3 gallons of hot water.
      • The four gallons of gel-like textured soap is ready.
      • It is scent-free and contains no UV brightness.

Drying The Clothes

The clothes washed after the second cycle are now all free and clear for hunting clothes. Take out all the clothes from the washer. Now let the clothes air dry outdoor.

The residue or any scent of the detergent will evaporate in the air. Drying hunting clothes in the dryer lead them to shrink.

It is essential to dry your apparel because if you will store it while wet. It will give a smell to the clothes.


It is a vital part of protecting your hunting clothes. You can pack them up in a plastic bag. But before this, you need to iron the dress to unwrinkle them.

Put them safely in a plastic bag. The plastic can protect it from any of the fragrances or animals.

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Tricks To Take Care Of Your Clothes

There are a few tips on how to take care of your washed clothes.

      • Do not wear your dress before arriving at the hunting spot.
      • It may create the smell of food or smoke on your hunting dress.
      • You can make the odor removing spray in an empty bottle—Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda with double the water.
      • You can spray it on your clothes with time or either when in need.
      • Do not use chlorine on the clothes because it might destroy your dress and leave an odor.
      • Showering with baking soda hunting is a fantastic trick to keep your body odorless.
      • Therefore, apply baking soda to the areas where you sweat the most.

How To Wash Hunting Clothes

Washing hunting clothes is not a difficult task. You need to be careful before washing because of the UV brighteners, and the scent present in the detergent can help the animal to discover you.

You can either wash your hunting clothes in vinegar. Add one cup of vinegar with one cup of baking soda; the solution will pop up. You can add clothes to the solution. Now rinse them.

All the smell of new clothes expired because of the vinegar.

There are several ways to wash clothes, and it is not necessary to be experienced. Any of you can follow it by reading several instructions viral on the internet nowadays.

Therefore, the tips and tricks explained above may help you out better.


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