How To Build A Duck Hunting Pond

There are thousands of hunters out there, and they spend their lives hunting. Therefore, they tend to buy certain places to hunt only.

No one ever heard about duck hunting, and a significantly less number of people buy a place for duck hunting.

It is frightening to even think about making the land into a pond. It is a complicated procedure, but if you love ducks, you can do it.

How To Build A Duck Hunting Pond

You love duck hunting and take out your precious time to build a specific place for it. It is a time of significant investment, both mentally and financially.

How much you invest, that much you will get in return. You are thinking about duck impoundment design, hats off to you.

Do you know what are you thinking? It isn’t a piece of cake.

Before heading towards the plan, check out some of the factors that attract birds to the place.

How To Build A Duck Hunting Pond


It is a plus point if the location you choose is near the water grounds and also surrounded by the habitats of species you want.

      • The area should have less human movement. Not only human activity but the animal herds as well.
      • If that is not possible, build a fence around it.
      • You can plant some of the trees near the impoundment; it will help increase birds.
      • The species with tree nesting can get benefits from it.
      • What type of plants you are seeding is the primary concern because the more the fruit, the more the birds.
      • Many pond owners remove cattails from deep, but they don’t require duck ponds because it helps the predators to hide.
      • The animals that live for duck eggs will have a hard time with cattails.
      • The larger place is more convenient for hunting rather than the smaller ones.

Water Control Structures For Ponds

Water Is the key to developing duck ponds.

      • It seems quite simple but very important to drain in spring and summers for plants.
      • It has to be done in the summers. Therefore the water level increases for hunting.
      • To maintain your impoundment, you have to drawdown. It helps you to keep the structure by adding up some new plants.
      • The tractor you owe is a four-wheeler and of good quality as well.

How To Build A Duck Pond

How To Build A Duck Hunting Pond

If you want some fantastic duck habitat ideas, you need to focus on the steps below.


Planning is an essential step for the implementation of an idea. You have to plan for certain things before you head out.

      • Time and people: it will take more than seventy hours and people.
      • Budget: The amount you should have is approximately up to a thousand dollars or more.
      • You can follow some DIY duck pond ideas, but that will be hectic and loads of work you need to do.
      • These are some of the truths you should know before starting a plan.

 Specified Location

It is another essential factor to follow up on your plan.

How To Build A Duck Hunting Pond

      • Temperature: the location you choose has good weather according to the ducks. In winters, it shouldn’t be below 20°F.
      • Predators: Also, have a look at other predators as well.


You need to outline it on the paper for how to build a hunting duck pond.

      • Firstly select how big you want.
      • You can choose a more wide pond rather than the bigger one.
      • Further, you need to choose the shape.


The foremost thing after planning the structure is digging. You should opt for two-level diggings because it will be easy for the ducks to swim.

If it is not layered evenly, then the ducks might face an accident.

A shovel will take hours or days to dig; you better choose for the tractor.

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Digging was daunting, and if it’s done, then most of the pond is headed towards completion.

      • Now you have to fill the pond with water; it will be muddy at first. So, pumping water for duck hunting is the best option.
      • Layer the pond with the liner and holds it with the help of pebbles and rocks.
      • Fill up the pond with water again; any of the wrinkles will flatten with the help of water.
      • You have to cover the liner; It will then ruin your impression.

Duck Pond Bio Filter

After all the requirements, it’s time to install the biofilter system in the pond.

      • At the corner of the pond, leave an area for biofilter.
      • Then follow the guide that comes with the package.
      • Pro tip:  to analyze the water, it takes up to 8 hours maximum. But if it’s taking longer, then it will not work.


You can now decorate your pond with some bricks, pebbles, plants, and many other ornaments. Remember to hide the liner with the arrangements of the gravel.

Facts About How To Build A Hunting Duck Pond

For making the best duck pond, remember some of the facts.

      • Filtration: to create the best filtration system is a nightmare. The bog filters or wetlands are the best options for filtration. It uses nitrates as nutrients.
      • Aeration: to stay away from stagnant water, you need some aeration in the water. For this, aerators work perfectly fine by making bubbles in the bottom of the pond. If you attach a jet along, the problem of aeration will solve.
      • Duckpond with drain: to drain debris out of the pond, a better option is the intake cove. It comprises a smaller area with a drain and collects all the waste, which later on collected.

After completion of the pond, wait for a while rather than impatiently stop hunting. The water needs time to set, and it can become your favorite hunting spot as well.

The more you maintain, the more hunting you will owe. You can create some fantastic memories with this hunting.


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