How to Attach Bait to a Fishing Rod Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a video game where players have to create their characters. Players need to do some farm activities in the town. Other than just building the city and farming, players can also participate in fishing competitions. It is found both on android devices and iOS phones. Learning how to attach the bait to a fishing rod makes it easier to fish and earn gold. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to attach bait to a fishing Rod Stardew Valley.

Step:1 Understanding the game

There are always rules to everything. With Stardew Valley, various instructions need to be met to enjoy this game. The more you continue fishing and passing levels, the better the chances of you getting bait recipes. If you want to continue buying the baits, you have to unlock them at more stations. You only gain the necessary experience for other levels when you catch a fish.

Step:1 What happens at each level?

At level one, you get a +1-rod efficiency. Here you can also upgrade your boring bamboo rod with fiberglass from Willy’s shop. When you go to level 2, you get access to buying baits and having recipes for creating your own. At level 3, the availability of the Dish O’ makes it suitable for getting a cooking recipe; you can buy crabby pots or make them on your own. In levels 4 and 5, you can craft junk into usable materials with the recycling machine and choose between trapper and a fisher, respectively.

For the 6th level, you get to buy a trap bobber and a spinner, which is either purchased or DIY. You also get the option to buy another type of fishing rod; an Iridium fishing pole. Level 7; treasure hunter and cork bobber. In level 8, the barbed hook, worn bin and spinner tackle that’s dressed. At number 9, you also get access to another bait called the magnet bait. Finish off with the last level, level 10nwhere you get to choose a fishing profession based on your choice at number 5. Fishing professions can either be a pirate, an angler, while a trapper can either be a marine or even a lure master. Each level up to 10 has its surprise once you pass a level

Step:1 Getting the pole

To get a pole, you will be required to visit Willy’s shop. A bamboo fishing rod goes for 500Gafter that after your first free pole. But this is not a good rod for when you want to use a bait. You will have to wait until you reach the second level to get a better fishing rod. One can either purchase the fiberglass rod for 1500G. The bait recipe goes for 5G each if you want to create your bait. The only rod you get for free is when you first start playing the game t the first level.



When you first start the game at level 1, you only get a bamboo rod. These rods do not have any available spots to attach the bait. To have a fishing rod with this feature, you will have to play and pass the first level. After that, the next level will unlock itself after passing.At level 2, you get the bait option on your inventory. The fishing pole goes at 1800G at the shop near the beach.

Before you purchase it, you will get a letter that will tell you if the rod is available at the shop. You get to buy everything from this shop, including the bait. Crafting your own is possible when you are level 2 if you do not want to buy one.


Tackles consist of bobbers, hooks, or spinners. Picking it and attaching it to the fishing rod is the same as the one above for the bait. To use these, you will have to have reached level 6 onwards. Tackles also use special rods like iridium.

Attaching the bait

To use the bait, you will need to pick it up first. Picking up bait is relatively easy. Highlight it in the inventory and then move it to select it. Go to the fishing rod side and right-click it. The moment you right-click, the bait will automatically be equipped to the fishing pole. Use an Xbox controller and select the letter ‘A’ to fit it to the rod using ‘X.’ If, in any case, you wish to remove the bait, you have to press ‘X’ a second time or right-click it, and it will go away. You can also equip the rod with more bait for easy and quick attachment. It also increases the biting fish speed, and you also add some profits for fishing.


You will find a river or a lake where you can try out with the rod. When you press an action button, it will make the meter pop up on the screen. Casting the fishing line is pretty easy. When the meter pops up, there will be a button with bars. The bars can be full or below that; it depends on how far you want to cast the line. If it appears with a filled bar, you will be able to throw it furthest. You only get to see a filled bar when you hit the button for the second time. The moment it gets inside the water, the fish will start to get attracted to it. It’s the bobber that attracts the fish the most when you are in search of fish to catch.

Stardew Valley is a popular game, but not everyone has an idea on how to play it. If you enjoy fishing but don’t want to go out fishing, this game can get you preoccupied. When you start the game, you are only limited to the available free rod. The more levels you continue passing, the more fun the game becomes. To use bait, you will have to unlock a level where you can buy it with the collected money. If not, you can buy the recipe and make your bait to use on the fishing rod.


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