Living In The Wilderness

Are you dreaming of living in the wilderness? Are you sick of this human world? 

You want to leave these things behind and finally live in peace.

You wanted to feel the life of your grandparents. You wished to witness the wilderness living.

Imagine enjoying the taste of the fresh fruits and vegetables of the home garden, the stray sheep running here and there, and the stream’s noise. All these things seem satisfying. Isn’t it?

To live in the wild is to stay alive or instead adopt reality.

You are reading it right, then.

Living In The Wilderness

How To Live In The Wilderness Forever?

If you are thinking of moving into the wild, then be prepared for it.

Think of a life without all the luxuries you own—no fan, no heating, no signals, no internet, and without taxes. It can be temporary or may prolong; all vary according to the situation.

You have to prepare for specific things:

  • What time of year are you planning?
  • Where did you decide to stay?
  • The climate of the place, whether cold or hot.
  • What type of skill should you learn?
  • It depends you choose desert or woods.

How To Live Away From Society?

Before heading out, you should learn some survival skills. 

You can learn them by reading some of the survival books, such as classic books about nature or wilderness.

Similarly, there are hundreds of tv shows based on survival. The reality shows are quite informative, and they help you learn new techniques.

There are many other survival skills you should learn before leaving the house.

  • The foremost thing is never to get panic; stay calm.
  • Learn about plants
  • Identification of poisonous plants and the plants which can irritate the skin as well.
  • You should have general knowledge about diseases and their cure.
  • How to Secure yourself from animals?
  • It would help if you carried a map with you and how to read it.
  • the use of a map can ease the struggle of finding a way

Living In The Wilderness

What Type Of Packing To Do For Going Out Of Wild?

Always keep in mind that whenever you go out, the packing should be more habitable.

It means you should keep that bag which is convenient for you to travel. Don’t overpack your luggage.

The backpack you choose should be light in weight with all the necessities required.

  • Make a list of things you will carry
  • Pack your baggage smartly.
  • Put everything but without making your bag heavy.


Keep in mind; there will be no water in the wild. You have to be patient to get clean water.

Because the water you get has no assurance of purity as it might come from a stream full of animal’s trash.

There are different ways to clean the water:

  • First and the most common is boiling water for about 10 minutes.
  • You can make a filter using a small cotton cloth. 
  • You can buy a water bottle online with the filter inserted. 
  • Take some containers along so that you can save some of the clean water.

Seeking For Help While Living In The Wilderness

When you are trapped or lost somewhere in between the jungle, what will you do next?

First of all, relax, no need to get anxious. Instead, be prepared for this, as this can happen. Second, you should learn some tips on how to ask for help?

  • You can bring some whistles with you.
  • Either you can buy emergency devices online.
  • The most used method is the fire signal; make your fire smokier or make a three-stack fire in a triangular shape. This is the international help method.
  • You can use glass or magnifying lenses to reflect on the airplanes and helicopters.

Survival Precautions To Take Alone In The Wilderness

Essentials For hiking

To escape from home is not easy. It is not only a mind game but physical as well.

You have to prepare your body for physical activities. Otherwise, it will be challenging for you. You should know how to find food, building shelter, about water and fire.

Get your first aid box ready with all the essentials.

Other important stuff required are:

  • A raffle
  • Ropes
  • Flashlight
  • Power bank
  • Blankets
  • Water containers
  • Energy drinks
  • Clothes
  • Raincoat
  • Wool gloves 
  • Compass and a lot more you think are essential.

Constructing A Place For Shelter

Exploring the new area and judging to find the best spot to live is the hardest part.

Choose the place that is near to water and away from any of the animal’s habitat. You can also bring your tent and place it on the spot, but this is not a reliable option.

  • You may construct it by yourself with the help of trees, small branches, and trash.
  • You can layer the ground with a piece of cloth to make yourself warm.
  • Lit some fire near your camp and enjoy the cozy environment with mother nature.

Skills You Must Have 

The necessary skills for staying in the wild is education. 

  • You must be educated enough to find out edible food.
  • You should be aware of some hunting skills.
  • Stay away from poisonous food.
  • You must know to differentiate between what is right to eat and what not?

Final Verdict On Living On The Wilderness

If you decided to move to the wild, think correctly and with all the circumstances in your mind.

It seems easy, but it is not at all. You are sure about it, then do proper research on every little element.

If you are going for a more extended period, you survey with the wild organizations. They might help you.

It is better to learn some new skills such as hunting or making fire without a lighter. When you are staying there, you should keep in mind all the necessities of an individual. 

For lavatories, you need a place near the water stream, or either you have to dig a hole.

Every single thing is essential to start a life in the wild. Nothing is impossible either. But still, think twice before you leave.

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