How To Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

Tent camping is one of the major things people like to do when going adventurous with nature. You can end up enjoying the whole experience or have a bad one. Comfort is of paramount importance when staying in the woods. To be comfortable means staying safe, as well. But how do you get all that? In this article, you will learn how to make tent camping more comfortable.

1. Packing The Right Gear

Parking the right things for your camping will ensure you get a comfortable camping experience. Camping is an all-year-round activity, and different camping requires different gear. When going camping, carry the correct gear according to the weather and environment around you. Your packing list shouldn’t miss sleeping gears, safety gears, food and water, toiletries, and of course, a comfortable tent.

 2. Setting The Tent Properly

A properly set tent will make you have a great time both daytime and at night. Having an all-weather tent ensures you stay safe at all times, even when there is a sudden change of weather. Before going camping, find a good place to pitch the tent.

It should be on flat terrain if you want the comfort you so desire. Have the right size of a tent enough to accommodate you and other campers. It’s also important to arrive at the campsite early enough and set the tent before darkness looms.

 3. Camping Chair

Staying inside your tent might be boring sometimes. Having a chair helps you relax and get some fresh air outside, especially if it’s a hot day and the tent seems hot. You can have a portable chair that fits in your car when going to the campsite.

 4. Bring Enough Food And Water

Camping on the tent means you will not have access to your home for a few days. It is, therefore, important to carry enough food to help you survive. If you stay away for several days, carry enough to last you for the entire day you will be camping. To avoid starving and just snacking, carry portable cookware and stove or packed food.

Hydrating is important, especially when you intend to hike during the day or camping in hot weather. Water will be important for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and showering as well. You should also store your food appropriately to avoid getting insect infestations or getting attacked by wild animals. If you have no-cook camping, make sure you pack enough food from home. Have enough water storage because sometimes the nearest place to get might be far.

 5. Sleeping Gears

Tents are mostly for relaxing, keeping your stuff, and sleeping after a long and tiresome day. As much as you are comfortable during the day, at night you need to maintain the same too. They say a bed is where you come home too to relax and unwind to when the day is over. The same applies to the tent.

Bring along sleeping bags and sleeping pads to keep you warm during the night. It would help if you stayed warm from cold or too much heat. Your sleeping gears should go with the climate and conditions of the campsite. Have your pillows and eye masks stand by and ear pods to listen to your favorite podcasts because sometimes the night can be so boring.

 6. Lighting

Light is equally important, like all the other things. During the day, you may get natural light from the sun to keep your tent illuminated. During the night, the tent will still need light. Carry enough lighting from candles, flashlights, headlamps, solar-powered, or electric light devices if you have access to electricity. To cook food, you will also require your lighters to start a campfire.

 7. Stay Warm

When camping, you need to stay as warm as possible. Make it comfortable on your side. Carry extra clothes to change when the others get dirty or if you’ve just washed them. Put on socks or sandals to keep you warm while in the tent. Drink something warm, and never forget to carry heating pads and a hot water bottle during the night.

How To Make Tent Camping More Comfortable

Scented Kinds Of Stuff To Remain Outside

Insects and animals are attracted to scents. To avoid getting visited by the big bear, anything inside the tent with a scent should remain outside. This can be food or toiletries, or scented clothes. Place the food, trash, and other wastes far from the tent if you want to enjoy a comfortable stay in your tent.

        • Have A Routine

Incorporate your home routine while camping. Suppose you are afraid of waking up at night when nature calls, pee at least twice before getting to bed. Waking up in the wee hours night can ruin your beauty sleep. If you brush your teeth before bed, shower, or exercise, it’s better to continue with your morning and night routine, probably making slight changes if necessary. You can also have new routines and adjust to them since the outdoors might be different from your house’s comfort.

        • Stay Safe

The woods might not be the safest place to be in. It accommodates all sorts of things, and sometimes you might end up in an emergency. Sometimes you might be well prepared but never prepared enough for emergencies that might arise.

Have a first aid kit; if you get a bruise or get wounded, you can take care of the wounds. To be safe from insects, have an insect repellent to keep them away from ruining your adventure. Lastly, keep bears away, have a bear spray, and never forget a whistle to call for help.

Tent camping is an outdoor activity that can only get more adventurous when you feel comfortable. When you do everything right, you feel safe the same way you would if you were home. Many campers always think about the animals that lark in the woods. A tent provides you the security needed when you follow the above steps. There are few incidents associated with tent camping. If you make your tent as safe and comfortable as needed, you will never worry about the risks, even when you go sightseeing or hiking.


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