How to Power CPAP Machine While Camping

Having electricity in your camping sites comes with so many benefits. Camping with your CPAP makes you have a great experience if you know how to keep it powered. One thing that makes people love this machine is the fact that it powers in many ways. Some methods are more convenient to use than others. You do not have to miss your apnea therapy because of power. This article covers the different ways on how to power CPAP machine while camping.

Methods of Powering up a CPAP

Campsites with access to electricity will be advantageous to charging your machines. There are two main methods you can use to ensure the Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) stays with power. You can either plug it in power or use batteries to charge it. Each of these methods is better than the other in one way or the other.

If the CPAP Goes Off

What happens when the machine goes off is that your sleep and therapy treatment will be interrupted? The thought of having the side effects will make you want to not lose power at all with the CPAP. Bad storms can be a threat to having energy for your sleep treatment.

How to Power CPAP Machine While Camping

Powering with a Car Battery

You can use your car battery for charging several things. It is only possible if you are car camping or have a car nearby. You get to enjoy camping when you have a nice spot to park in and also get to charge the CPAP. You can set it any time once you have connected the machine to the car batteries. The car engine will, however, need to be kept on and running to enable charging to be done.

Some cars automatically shut down their engines after some time, which can interrupt charging and its functionality. The machine also drains the car battery power when charging. It, in turn, can cause the exhaust to emit dangerous fumes to the environment.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are relatively the same battery as the one your car has. Their power is long-lasting when compared to lithium-ion batteries. To effectively use these, have a DC cable or an AC power inverter. It should also have a cigarette lighter attachment. Some come with the cigarette lighter add-on on them and are therefore easy to use. Even though the AC power inverter uses too much power, it is still an excellent option for your CPAP machine.

How to Power CPAP Machine While Camping

Cigarette Lighter Power CPAP Machine

A truck’s cigarette lighter can be used to power up your CPAP machine. You, however, require a power inverter for this process. It helps you connect the device to the power source without the need for a direct connection. Have a 350 or a 400-watt inverter capable enough to transmit enough power to the machine. Protect the motor of the CPAP by using the correct inverter. You only use an inverter if you do not have a DC power cord.

Use a Generator

Portable generators are what most campers use as an alternative for lack of electricity. Generators will keep the CPAP with enough power for a comfortable sleep. Before using the generator, you will ensure you have enough fuel to keep the generator running. Generators are very loud; they, therefore, can be used only in remote campsites where noise isn’t an issue.

Choose a Campsite with Electricity

The other methods work in a place where there is no access to electricity at your campsite. But if there is electricity, you should connect the machine directly. Even with a power outage experienced, the other methods are okay to use the other methods. The CPAP automatically shut off whenever there is a power outage.

It is still essential to have back up even when the campsite has access to electricity. It would be best if you didn’t panic when it goes off by itself as still there will be a way for it to work. The anti-asphyxia valve will open automatically and allow the room air to enter inside. It works when plugged into the wall.

How to Power CPAP Machine While Camping

But you should also note that not all machines will be able to use batteries. Before attaching the power to the device, ensure you follow the manufactures instructions. Check for compatibility before buying any power products to connect to it.

Power CPAP Machine Battery Kit

The battery is locally available in most hardware, and they do come with adaptors. You do not have to miss your apnea treatment for any reason. The battery takes about 4 hours to fully charge before it can power up your machine. CPAP batteries are either deep cycle batteries or lithium-ion batteries. It can also last you up to 4 hours when powering the device. Inverters use a lot of power. It is not advisable to use heated humidifiers on your machine.

Solar Power CPAP Machine

Solar is an alternative to many electrical charged devices. With the option of solar power charging in the CPAP machine, your sleeping therapy can never be shortened when the battery runs out. When you get disappointed with electricity getting lost, car battery draining off, you can opt for solar. This method needs the sun to be there for at least hours to be able to charge appropriately. If it is summertime, definitely there won’t be any issues with the 6-hour charge. During winter, when there is no sun, the other alternatives work best to help out the situation.

Lack of electricity shouldn’t be the reason you stop your therapy treatment. Patients with apnea suffer a lot when there is a power outage. There are adverse effects that may be caused by the situation. It is therefore essential to always have back up options to deal with the situation. The market is full of battery options that are compatible with the CPAP machine. If you are not car camping, there is no way you will consider using car batteries as a power option. The batteries come in handy, especially if you are camping in remote places. With the needed inverters and cables, you can power up the machine anytime you want to.


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