How Much Firewood Do I Need For Camping

The idea for camping sounds awesome and one that everyone would look forward to participating in. The majority of individuals who have gone camping have agreed that it’s a suitable way of relaxing your mind. You get to spend time outdoors, whether alone or with family and friends. During this time, you can study nature and enjoy the fresh scent outside.

When planning to go camping, there are some valuables that you need to carry. These are items that will help you enjoy your camping, for instance, firewood. Carrying firewood while you go camping is essential as it will help you cook, keeping warm, among other kinds of stuff.

So how much firewood do I need for camping? There is no exact formula when it comes to the amount of firewood you should bring for camping. Even so, there are several factors that can help you answer this question.

Factors That Determine How Much Firewood You Need

Some factors will act as a guide when estimating the amount of firewood you require. These can be the weather, duration for camping, how many times you will want to use fire, and many others. Let’s discuss this to give you a clue what to expect and the quantity of firewood to carry.

Duration For Camping

How Much Firewood Do I Need For Camping

How long will your camping take? You need to put this question at the back of your mind when collecting the amount of firewood. The longer the duration, the more firewood you will have to carry along. It would be best if you always carried extra cash with you to buy firewood. This is because carrying firewood from one point to another may be prohibited. This may be due to invasive species like bugs or termites.

How Often You Will Be Using Firewood

Another factor that will determine how much firewood you will carry is how often you intend to use it. It would be best if you always thought of the moments you use fire when camping. It may happen you are the type of person that loves keeping a campfire cracking throughout the day.

Keeping that in mind, you will need to evaluate how much firewood you will carry. It is also natural for more campfires to require more firewood, same to longer campfires. It will be hard to estimate how long a bundle of wood can last you as another firewood burn at different rates.

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Weather And Seasons

Climatic conditions change will probably determine the amount of firewood you will need while camping. For instance, if your camping time is on summer days, then the amount of firewood you require will be different compared to the winter or rainy season. You will not carry much of it as you will be in cold seasons. Keep in mind that the weather can also change depending on the area you are going to camp.

Firewood Type

Many people always think that firewood is firewood, and they all burn at the same pace. It is untrue. You will be surprised that various types of wood burn differently. There are softwoods and hardwoods, and just by their name, hardwoods burn for a longer time.

How Much Firewood Do I Need For Camping

There are seasons that firewood prices go up, and that means they can be pretty expensive. If you plan to go camping, you should ensure you do not spend a lot of money purchasing firewood.

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How To Identify Dry Firewood

It is easier to identify dry firewood or seasoned as they are known. This you can get right by checking the end of the logs. In case they are dark in color and cracked, then they are dry. On the other hand, if they have a visible green color, they are still fresh, it indicates they are not dry. When you carry it as dry wood, you can also know light in weight compared to wet ones. When you hit dry woods together, you will get a hollow sound.

Make sure you buy or gather dry wood to avoid excessive smoke and let your lighting be easier.

Park Laws And Rules

It is exciting to go camping and to arrange your items, and everything seems so amazing. However, it is advisable to take time and read through the laws or rules set in the area you want to camp in. You are camping site always incorporate guidelines. Some sites indicate the size of the fire you should have. While others, to your surprise, do not allow campfires at all. Most areas that are prone to wildfires have banned campfires altogether.

Quantity Of Firewood In A Bundle

Research conducted showed that one bundle of firewood consisted of 5 to 6 sticks of wood in most instances. A stick of firewood is a log of wood that is estimated to be 5inches in circumference. Its length is about 12 to 15 inches long. To keep your fire burning brightly, you will consider either the type of wood you will use and also the size of the campfire you will set.

How Much Firewood Does One Need For Camping?

From the article above, the amount of firewood you require will depend on the mentioned factors. You have to check the days you are going to camp and also the times you use fire. This will also depend on the season of going camping during either cold or warm climatic conditions. Some people have estimated two bundles for one night for camping. If you prefer keeping warm all night, then probably you will need more than that.

If you choose to buy or gather firewood, ensure you take the dry ones. This is because fresh firewood has water inside, and using that for camping will be frustrating. Fresh firewood also smokes too much, and it is not refreshing being around. On the other hand, dry firewood lights up nicely, and you will not have to worry about campfire smoke. You can also carry a few softwoods to use when you are starting to light the campfire. Afterward, you can add the hardwoods for it to burn for a longer period.


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