How To Unlock Guns in Hunting Simulator 2
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Are you a gaming person? Do you love playing video games now and then? 

We will talk about hunting simulator 2, which is the advanced version of the hunting simulator. 

It comes with the difference between animals and some other graphics, etc.

If the sequel is released, why to talk about the older version. Isn’t it the right thing?

How To Unlock Guns In Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting games are always addictive. Once you start playing, you will never give up before hours. The modern sequel of the game hunting simulator is played on the ps4, PC, and Xbox, which results in more amazing features. 

Here’s a complete guide about it. Because to unlock the gun, you need to complete the mission first.

How To Unlock Guns In Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 Guide

As for all the games, you need to download them first. The mini-tutorial will pop out on your screen, explaining the hunting story.

      • Firstly you will select a male or female, learn about the tracks, then a hunting dog, and now start your hunt.
      • It will then transfer you to the main lodge.
      • You will play your first mission without any guidance.

How To Play

The game will start in the lodge with five thousand credits. You can buy scents, weapons, and most importantly, a license to hunt animals with the credit given.

There are three regions along with subregions.

        • Colorado
        • Texas

An animal hunting license is a new feature that gives the player to plan the hunt.

      • You can select clothes and guns.
      • Either, you can choose the morning or nighttime to play.
      • This is amazingly tremendous to select day or night yourself.
      • The time will not change until you go back to the menu to change.

How To Start

You need to select the place to start hunting.

      • You can start hunting from anywhere you want.
      • You can either use dogs to find animals.
      • You can select the dog according to the money.
      • There are three different breeds for different purposes: beagles to trace animals, Labrador to trace animals from the water, and German shorthair pointers to trace small points.
      • There are different blinds or stands used to hide from the animals.
      • Tents available to rest in the location.
      • In hunting simulator 2, all animals should be claimed by tracking the wounded animal.
      • After claiming the animal, you can see the animals on the cabinet.
      • You can either sell it for more or save it as a trophy.
      • You can collect as many animals as you want before claiming. But you need to save it first, to see them on the lodge.
      • The games’ rules and regulations are the same as real-life hunting: you are fined for shooting without a license or hunting simulator 2 caliber.


In my opinion, the audio of the game is quite impressive.

      • There are hundreds of hunting games but never seen such fantastic audio.
      • The animals’ sounds are spot-on; the bear sounds like a bear, and the rabbit sounds like it.
      • The problem is the annoying command of a dog pops up repeatedly.


The graphics are yet to be unique but sometimes not.

      • The greenery around the forests looks beautiful, but it does not look good when giving it a closer look.
      • The closer look expands the resolution.
      • It needs to work on the graphics from 2d to 3d at least.

Hunting Simulator 2 Tips And Tricks

You can get some tips and tricks below to pursue the game.

      • Choosing a location: there are three regions with subregions. You can select any of the areas you want to hunt. Each site comes with different geography.
      • Dog: you should select the right type of dog. It means the dog you choose should be according to the work you want.
      • Trace your prey: to track your target, you need to be patient. Stare at the ground then and adequately hunt.
      • Animals hunting: the animals in the game are in the form of groups. You need to be careful while walking around the animals as they can see you and smell you. In hunting simulator 2 all species will react upon you according to the time of the day.

How To Unlock Guns In Hunting Simulator

The biggest flaw of the game hunting simulator is about unlocking guns. It is frustrating that you can not see the next map before completing the mission.

The same is the scenario with weapons that need to be unlocked as a puzzle. They can see a hunting simulator gun list but could not have any permission to use it.

 You are tired of repeatedly killing the rabbit until you get access to a shotgun in the next level. It is called happiness.

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Hunting Simulator 2 Ps4 Cheat Codes

Enter the following codes to collect coins, gems, unlock weapons, and level up.

      • thanks for playing: you can get 5000 coins.
      • grumpy gray: you will get 10 gems.
      • 4thofjuly: you will get 15 gems and a cow.
      • USA: you will receive 16 gems.
      • hunting4lyfe: you will get 15gems.
      • Ilovdhs2: you will receive 500 coins.
      • razorfish gaming: you will get 20 gems.

If you are playing hunting simulator or hs2, experiencing actual hunting. It is only because of the rules and regulations followed in the game.

You can not shoot the animal again and again; it will fine you heavily. Either the buying license shows the maturity of playing.

The main flaw is, it does not unlock the guns without completing the level. Instead, there are no cheat codes, as well.

You can earn different trophies to level up your achievement from silver and bronze. 

For example, if you shot two birds with one shot, you will achieve bronze. Then finishing all the missions at any of the regions will give you silver. For the gold, you have to complete the level playing as a single player.


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