How To Build Coon Hunting Lights

Do you know about coon hunting? Coon is a word referred for raccoon hunting. It is an old tradition followed by millions of people.

It is a horrible animal with sharp teeth and claws. If you scare the animal, it will be your worst enemy.

Hunting raccoons was the need for meat, fur, and either hobby. But now, the keen on hunting raccoons have become deceased. The breeding only raised the number of population results in pests for the home.

If you are the one facing the issue of raccoons hiding on your balcony, then you need to hunt that scary and intelligent creature.

How To Build Coon Hunting Lights?

The rise in the population of raccoons has destroyed households and crops.  Hunting raccoons have to evolve competitions and hobbies as well.

If you are a hunter, then coon hunting at night is a perfect time. It is not possible without some excellent coon hunting lights.

You also need to walk in search of that scary animal, and could not do it without a light.

If you want to learn some fantastic tips, then follow down below.

Information To Know About Racoons

How To Build Coon Hunting Lights

Raccoons are available in different sizes and weights. There is no predator to finish them. Therefore, their life span and increase in population expands.

      • Finding Raccoons: you can find them near the lakes and rivers, where there are crops of vegetables. Either you can discover them around human houses. These terrible creatures are offensive about their habitat.
      • Food Lovers: Raccoons can not starve because they love food. When the raccoon is in search of food, they are tiny dangerous animals. They can eat your pets and found around the garbage.
      • Not only a single raccoon: if you see a single coon, you are wrong. They hunt in groups. But if there is no food, then the raccoon will be selfish for its dinner.

Types Of Best Coon Hunting Lights

There are several types of hunting lights in the market.

Every light contains different specifications. It will vary according to the needs of an individual.

Scope Mounted Gun Lights

These lights are mainly designed to get attached to the spectrum of the rifle.

      • Few come in a portable flashlight with the adapter.
      • Others are mounted on the body of lights.
      • It comes in various colors.
      • Some other characteristics it carries are adjustment of light, the button for on and off.


LED headlamp lights are the best option to search for raccoons at night.

      • It is hassle-free.
      • You do not need to carry it in your hands.
      • It will either save you from the injuries as well.

Hunting Spotlight

The high voltage spotlight is needed to discover coons in the dense bushes around the trees.

      • It is quite handy and more comfortable to use.
      • You carry it along anywhere in your hands, belts, or either on your cars.
      • It comes up with long time batteries.


The hybrid hunting flashlight can either be used on heads or even mounted on your gun as well.

      • It is heavier to carry.
      • It comes with High powered batteries or an adapter to charge.

Weight Of The Lights

How To Build Coon Hunting Lights

The weight of the lights matters a lot.

      • You have to choose the lights with less weight.
      • You can move quickly.
      • Heavy lights result in losing focus.


All hunting lights vary from one another. Some have high voltage power to see far away, but some are limited.

You need to choose the light which is handy and powerful to do your work accordingly.

Battery Life

You don’t have any idea how much time it will take to discover the animals. It might take hours or even at night. Therefore, choose long-lasting batteries or either take some extra pair of batteries along.

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Build Your Own Coon Hunting Light

If you don’t have any budget to opt for costly lights for hunting. You can opt for the option on how to build coon hunting lights. It will save you money as well.

Thing You Need To Build Coon Light For Hunting

To make your coon hunting light, you should have an idea of the specifications required.

      • A flashlight.
      • Red and green light emitter.
      • The adjustment for the brightness.
      • A holder for light.
      • A metal bar


    • The foremost thing to consider is the beam light.
    • The distance covered through the beam light should be 200 feet to 300 feet approximately.
    • Choose the light, which can be adjusted according to your need.
    • To make a coon light, firstly, you need to remove the existing emitter.
    • Replace the emitter with a red-colored or green colored emitter.
    • Next, place the holder to mount on the scope.
    • Use the clamp to fix the light with the gun.

Now you can use the hunting coon light to kill a raccoon.

Red And Green Eitter Led Lights

A very asked question, and which light is more useful? No one has an accurate answer because both the lights have their cons and pros.

Coons are irritated by the green light, but if you want to see 200 feet far away. Then the green emitter works best.

The red emitter is suitable for human eyes and the raccoons as well. Now it relies upon you, which is perfect accordingly.

You get to know the most straightforward procedure of creating coon lights for hunting. You can use any light, but the process stays the same.

You love hunting raccoons; then the competition coon hunting lights is a good idea. You can enhance your hunting skills in this game.

To win the prize, you should have the best coon hunting lights and supplies, and in the best condition.

You can either chose for other best coon light options around you. Prepare yourself before the hunting season hits you. Things You Should Know About Coon Hunting.


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