Weather Tent

After the camping experience is over, it will be time to pack your stuff and head home. It could be that you need to depart for another campsite and still need to carry the tent along with you. Under the weather, tents are easy to fold. They are all like the other tents, and the technique for folding them is the same. Learning how to fold it properly is essential, and it needs a lot of practice but it’s not as hard as you think. If you are wondering how to fold under the weather tent, read on to learn how to do it.

Step-1: Unzip the door of the tent

Declutter everything inside the tent before starting to pack it. Remove everything inside the tent and set them aside. Am under weather tent comes with an opening that you can use for coming and out of the tent. What you need to do is locate it at the front of the tent and unzip it. When a tent is closed, it retains the air that is inside it. There is no air circulation as the air gets trapped inside. Folding a tent with air inside is not easy. It is just like one trying to fold a balloon with air inside. To remove this excess air, open the tent’s door to allow the trapped air to come out.

How to Fold Under The Weather Tent

Step-2: Wipe the tent

When you camp, you bring various things to the tent-like foodstuff, food particles, clothes, and other things. Insects can also crawl in the tent or stick to it. If the tent had accumulated dirt or dust while outdoors, you will want to keep it clean. Shake out any dust from the tent to remove any debris that might have gotten stuck on it. Wipe it with a piece of clothing to remove any dirt. It saves you from having to clean it the next time you unfold to use it outdoors again.

If the tent does not need wiping, you can also dust it for the particles to fly away. You can also clean it with a moist rag but allow it to dry before packing it all together. If it’s a must, it gets folded when it is still damp; ensure you air it out once you reach your destination. Otherwise, your tent will start to develop mold on it. A clean tent removes the baggage of the camping trip.

Step-3: Lay it down

A tent can be challenging to fold while having it on your hands. Wipe with a dry towel to remove any moisture left. You will need to place it on a flat surface. A surface that makes it easy to fold it bit by bit as you follow the folding procedures. The ground doesn’t need to be completely flat; as long as the tent gets laid down, you will ease the work. Th from should be facing the top.

Step-4: Start to fold from the sides

The tent needs folding to be smaller than the storage bag; otherwise, it won’t fit. Start from the right side as you work; you work way to the left side. If you want to start with the left side, start with the side that collapses easily. When folding the tent, do it proportionally to avoid places sticking out when they are lengthier than other sides. If it loses shape when folding, it won’t be easy to pitch the next time you go for an outdoor trip and want to tent.

Step-5: Check the steel wires

The steel wires need to be flat. If they look twisted, then there could be a problem. To fix this, step on the twisted wires to straighten them or run your fingers along with the cables. Check on both sides to ensure they are even.

Step-6: Tuck in

Start to tuck in when the tent is flat enough and with no twists on the steel wire. Tuck in the bottom part and the top as well. Ensure it tucks in uniformly so there are no creases that could damage the fabric. Tuck it neatly. Place the tent standing in front of you in a position where the back gets to face you.

Step-7: Curl the tent

Curl the tent starting from the top until you reach halfway. You should curl it firmly so that it doesn’t slip back. It would help if you bent it facing away from your body. Place your hands closer to the center of the tent and pitch them there.

Continue to curl the tent until the top part faces the shins. If you miss doing this step correctly, your tent won’t have the perfect fold. It will also cause unnecessary creasing that might damage the tent a little or damage it ultimately. The under the weather, when adequately folded, will become small and easy to store after that. As you fold, hold the tent against your legs to give it support.

Step-8: Pull to the center

Hold the right side of the under-weather tent and push while bringing it to the middle. Bring the other side on top of the other to form a circle. If any other pieces remain outside, fold them inside to ensure you get a neat circular folded tent. It should be flat and without lamps that will make it look uneven. If the tent you have done comes with an elastic band, use it to hold the folded tent in place.

This article is helpful for when you are learning a way to fold an under-weather tent. The essential thing to do is to follow the fold lines of the tent. Different tents will fold differently depending on their parts. But with an under-weather tent, the process is straightforward. You can use the same method to apply to other tents. When folding, start with sides ensuring you tuck it in neatly. Do all these with the tent laid on a flat surface. Even people who are experts intent folding can sometimes forget. If you follow the steps above, you will find how easy it is to fold an under weather tent.


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