How To Make Bow And Arrow For Hunting

It’s easy to hunt with advanced archery gears. However, many traditional hunters love homemade bows and arrows. 

The material and alignments are not top-notch, but their shooting skills are made up where creativity lacks. 

Are you looking for how to make a bow and arrow for hunting articles?

Making a bow and arrow at home requires some simple skills. You should know the fundamental carpenter skills. All you need is essential tools for cutting and carving wood.

How To Make Bow And Arrow For Hunting

Things Required For How to make a powerful bow and arrow

In the primitive days, hunters created their archery gear with a simple knife. However, things have changed with time, and you didn’t have to struggle with a simple knife. 

There are many advanced tools available that can make the task easy. They are also useful in enhancing the effectiveness and accuracy of the homemade bow and arrow.

Let’s start with the goods list.

  • Debarking tool
  • Circular saw
  • Alloy steel filed
  • Pillar knife
  • Fetching jig
  • Wood glue
  • Precision notch
  • Tapper tools
  • A long length of bowstring

How To Make Bow And Arrow For Hunting

How to make bow and arrow for hunting

These six easy steps will answer all your how to make a homemade bow and arrow easy queries. Read the steps carefully, and you will end up with a powerful bow and arrows in your hand. 

Options in bow types

Homemade bow and arrow comes with various options such as

  • Short and sinew backed bow similar to American Plain Indians.
  • Recurve wooden bow similar to Eastern Woodlands Indians

The material and design of both bows are almost identical. However, the creating techniques of the bow differ in many ways. 

This DIY archery project is uncomplicated to make things simple. You will learn the basic hunting bow and arrows. It’s simple, but the result will be nonetheless similar to a handcrafted bow. 

The Right Piece Of Wood

The wood of the bow decides it’s flexibility and durability. It’s best to choose to start the project with the right piece of wood. 

Which is the right wood for your how to make a homemade bow and arrow project?

The easiest route is to purchase a piece of wood from the hardware store in the forest. Here are some wood suggestions for your DIY project. 

  • The most used wood for making the homemade bow and arrow id Red Oak
  • Black walnut
  • Maple
  • Orange
  • Ash
  • Yew

As a beginner, it’s recommended to buy the wood for specific reasons.

  1. It will be perfectly dry
  2. No knots
  3. No cures
  4. Not too large grains

The wood piece for your creation should be “just right.” The presence of some knots and grains give the bow some texture. However, too large grains make the bow weak. 

How to cut the wood for the homemade bow?

If you want to cut the wood yourself, it’s best to consider the tree southside. The trees get more light on their southern side, which results in more branches and pin knots. The wood is thicker and denser on the south side. 

When cutting the wood, for the bow, choose the wood height a bit longer than yours. Take a saw and cut the wood 6 feet long and 2 inches wide. 

The center should be thick and leave out the portions with twists, limbs, and knots. 

How To Make Bow And Arrow For Hunting

How To Determine The Natural Curve And Ball Laying Out

It’s to check the wood’s natural curve to determine if it’s possible to place the features. Here are the simple steps to follow

  • Place one end of your wood on a plain flat surface. Carefully determine the natural angle of the stock. 
  • Place both hands on the other end of the wood. One hand at wood’s top and the other pressing lightly against the middle of the wood
  • It’s time to note the natural belly placement. The end where the and is holding on to is the upper limb. The other hand position is more.

Proper Thinning And Cutting Of The Limb

Carefully read these measurements for reference. You can change the thickness or length according to preference. 

Everything starts from the center outward, which is 5 inches in length and ¾ inches bottom. The center’s thickness is one ¼ inch, while the thickness a few inches forward and backward from the center is 1 ½ inch. 

Carefully carve with a sharp knife from the belly of the bow down the limbs. Make sure the two sides are curved the same. The points of the homemade bow are ½ inches in thickness. The total length of the bow is sixty-eight inches. 

Do not put pressure on the back of the bow; it may end in two pieces. 

Adding A Handle To The Bow

The center of the bow is made thicker for gripping. It’s called the handle. Take a wooden piece of 8 inches and glue it to the board. 

Let the dry glue overnight for the handle to attach firmly. Try to draw out the bow and take off the scraps. 

Stringing And Tailoring And The Homemade Now

Now comes the challenging part of how to make a powerful bow. You can bend the bow on both sides to increase its efficacy. Use the alloy steels with the tailoring.

Place a parachute cord on both limbs and make sure the bow stays on top of the tiller. 

Carefully pull the string down until the limbs curve precisely the same. Hold on for a few minutes and then release. Repeat the process about 20 times to exercise the ball.

Afterward, put bowstring instead of parachute cord. Choose the string that’s not stretchy. The strong should be at least 6 inches from the wooden handle. 

The bow’s unflexed length is longer than the tip string—the knots to the loose loops. You can now shoot arrows with your powerful bow.

DIY Arrows With Your Homemade Bow

It’s time to put arrows in your DIY bow and arrow kit. Arrows need precision and careful assembling for an effective shot. 

  • Select the same wood as your bow or choose goldenrod or Mullen
  • Split the wood into straight sticks
  • The length should behalf to the bow.
  • Carve or heat the wood smooth all around the arrow
  • Sharpen the shaft front with a knife and harden with fire. 
  • Add fletching at the end of the arrow to improve its ability to fly.

Now your how to make a bow and arrow for a hunting project is completed. You are ready to hunt any animal in the wild.

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