How To Tie A Stock Tie For Fox Hunting

Fox hunting is an old tradition, followed from past years. It was a trend to dress up appropriately according to the event, whether it is hunting.

To select the dress colors, either show up, you are on a formal event, or casual. The dressing of an individual varies from hunting.

How To Tie A Stock Tie For Fox Hunting

The tying of stocks was followed back by British English in the means of riding competitions and hunting. The proper dressing for any of the events was the fashion at that time.

Today we opt for casual dressing. But in time if 1700, riding was the only source of traveling. Therefore, people wear a tie around their neck, and it will absorb the sweat in summers and keep them warm in winters.

The clothing of the tie shows up your status, how much wealth you own. It is used in hunting with two styles of apparel.

      • Casual
      • Formal

Casual Apparel

How To Tie A Stock Tie For Fox Hunting

Informal clothing includes:

      • Helmet: the riding helmet is the must to wear with your hair tied up properly. The color should be brown or black.
      • Coat: the light brown colored coats are suitable for hunting, but a black is also a good option.
      • Shirt: a dress shirt with light colors.
      • Stock tie: do not wear white in the hunting season. Instead, choose any other shade with the stock pin.
      • Boots: it can be black, or either brown boots complimenting the dress.
      • Belt: your belt should be the same color as your shoes. It would be leather.
      • Gloves: black or brown gloves.

Formal Apparel

The formal clothing includes:

      • Helmet: the helmet should have a chin-up string for the riders. The hunters may choose black velvet ones with their hair correctly then in a bun.
      • Coats: the black colored jacket is the best option unless you are a member of the staff.
      • Shirt: the plain white color shirt adequately tucked in your pants.
      • Hunter stock tie: the plain white tie with a gold pin gives a classic look.
      • Boots: black leather boots are a perfect choice.
      • Belt: the black colored leather belt with black boots is the right combination.
      • Gloves: you can choose either black or white according to the hunt.

Fox Hunting Stock Tie As First Aid

The stock tie is not only used for terms of apparel, but it can be your first aid in time of emergency.

      • You can sling your broken arm when needed.
      • You can either wrap your ribs.
      • It can be helpful to cover the injury of your horse as well.

How Long Is A Stock Tie

The average length of the stock tie is six to eight feet, with a width of eight to ten feet.

Types Of Stock Tie

There are two types of stock tie:

      • The traditional tie
      • Pre-tied ties

How To Make A Stock Tie

How To Tie A Stock Tie For Fox Hunting

If you are thinking to make the stock tie, then read down below:

      • Firstly, go to your nearby fabric store and explore the best cotton material.
      • Cut the piece 10 inches long with 2 yards.
      • Press the fabric by doubling it.
      • You can use pins for guidance; now, you will sew at the ends of the clothes.
      • You need to cut off the corner to make it flat.
      • The shape is like a sleeve with one open ending.
      • Further, you need to iron the fabric and hand sew the other end.
      • Press the fabric again, and voila, your tie is ready.

How To Tie A Stock Tie For Fox Hunting

To tie a stock tie is scary, but with a little bit of practice, you can become a pro. The step to follow on how to tie a stock tie:

      • Fasten your stock tie with the front buttonhole of the shirt.
      • Wrap the ends together on the neck from front to back.
      • You need to bring both the corners towards the chest.
      • Like trying the shoelace, make the right knot over the left.
      • Pull it near your neck.
      • Leaving one end on the right shoulder and moving the other upwards to the left shoulder.
      • Pulling the second end over the top and front of it.
      • Then, please bring it back underneath the fold on the shoulder.
      • Grab it.
      • Further, Pulling both corners above, making a knot on your neck.
      • Neat up the knot as much as you can.
      • Buckle both the ends and make a cross over each other.
      • You need to make an X shape with the knot visible above.
      • To Fix the knot by putting the stock pin.
      • Good job! You are done.

Pre Tied Stock Tie Dressage

Are you tired of the hustle of making a stock tie? Going to the fabric shop, choose it, and then sew it. It makes you exhausted. The best option is to select pre-tied stock ties.

These ties are convenient because it comes with a ready-made knot with the strings. You have to wrap the ropes around the neck and head towards the hunt.

It is that much simpler than why to think about how to tie a four-fold hunting stock.

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The stock tie is the classic type of dressing you choose to hunt or to ride. To pop up your hunting tie, you should wear a simple shirt to compliment it.

The stock tie can be used for medical reasons as well. For example, you can cover your injury on hand or feet.

Both types of ties are used on your dressing, but pre-tied ties are comparatively convenient than the traditional ones.

You should learn the traditional tie as well, whether it is a nightmare. But once you know how to make it, you can then do it while sleeping.

The ties come in different colors and different patterns with textures. It is your choice to choose the tie according to the event.


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