How To Store Hunting Clothes

Are you a deer hunter or either a rifleman? Your clothes and hunting gear are different from the usual ones. You love to hunt whenever you get an opportunity.

If you have a vacation, then you will opt for your hobby. No hunting exists without the perfect gear.

It is only possible to properly maintain things like clothes, boots, accessories, and many more. You have to save them precisely to use for the next season.

How To Store Hunting Clothes

The foremost factor in storing is scent-free hunting clothes. Firstly, you have to make clothing rid of the fragrance. It can either be the body odor or any other.

You get to know how to store clothes in the best possible shape with other hunting gear products.

How To Store Hunting Clothes

Unpack Your Bag Pack

The first and essential step is to clean up your bag pack. You need to dig your hands in the bag and clear all the mess you have made on the trip.

You will get to know whether the bag has a hole done by a little friend while snacking around. Therefore, you will go through this out and bring a new bag for the next season.

If it is in perfect condition, then wash it and save it for the upcoming trip.

How To Make Scent Proof Hunting Clothes?

You have to wash hunting clothes properly with scent-free detergent.

    • First of all, make the washer clean. So all the last residue of detergent will clear.
    • Add up the clothes in the machine with fragrance-free detergent.
    • After completing the first cycle, give it another round with cold water.
    • If you don’t have detergent, opt for home ingredient baking soda for washing.
    • Put in 1 scoop of baking soda instead of the washing powder. It will absorb the odor.
    • Finish the process; you are left with clean clothes.
    • Air-dry clothes.
    • Please put it in a dark place to avoid discoloration.

Hunting Clothes Storage Ideas

You can not store other hunting gear with the clothes because it might transfer their scent. There are different ways to keep your clothes for the next season.

Tote For Hunting Clothes

How To Store Hunting Clothes

Do you hear about the tote bags? The tote bags are giant and spacious inside. There is a scent blocker tote in the market as well.

It will help the clothes not to transfer any of the fragrance outside the bag. This is the more comfortable and convenient method of storing.

Plastic Bags Or Wraps

You can either pack your clothes in plastic bags. It will be water-resistant as well.

The plastic will not fade or tear with time. The clothes will be as new as before. It is the best idea on how to store hunting clothes.

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Hunting Storage Cabinet

There are several cabinets in the house, but you can specify a particular cabinet for hunting gear.

The cabinet should be of the proper size and spacious from inside. You can only put hunting clothes in it. To make the clothes odorless.

If you put the clothes in other dresses, then they will absorb some smell. Therefore, you should have a separate cabinet, particularly for hunting clothing.

Diy Hunting Clothes Storage

Instead of moving your clothes from here to there, you can either make a DIY space for your clothing.

    • Select the ideal space in your room first.
    • Later drill some holes in the wall.
    • Attach PVC pipes to it.
    • You can now hang in the wet hunting clothes to make it dry and later save it there.

Zip Lock Bags

You heard it right, the zip lock bags laying in your pantry. These are essential bags, which come in every size and either available in the nearby store.

    • The best part is, it helps to keep the clothes from becoming soiled with the household odor.
    • The air can be vacuumed from the bag. Therefore, it is convenient to store.
    • The airtight seal can help the scent away from the clothes.
    • Easy to store with minimum space.

Ozone Generating Scent Free Bags For Hunting Clothes

Over time, technology took over the world. Ozone generating products are raving in the market because it comes with surety to eliminate the odor.

    • It eliminates any form of the bacterial molecule, which is the reason for the smell.
    • You can put the hunting clothes in bags to make them scent-free.
    • Later, press on the generator.
    • The generator will continue until the time finishes.
    • The bags are easy to carry along.

Hunting Clothes Container

Storing your apparel in a plastic container is an older version. It typically keeps your clothes odorless.

    • When the clothing is lined up accurately, you can put the lid on it as a barrier. You can save this container for the next visit.
    • It can be of any size.
    • The storage time is longer.
    • You can quickly transfer the container.

How To Prepare For Next Season

 The best time to prepare for the next season is when you are packing your stuff.

    • Sort out the clothes according to the seasons.
    • Put the labels on the bags as an easy way to take things out.
    • When you have a sudden plan, you will pop out the right pocket, and voila, you are good to go.
    • Pack all the winter gear together, mentioning mid-layer and base layer.
    • You can even take the inventory preparation steps as well.
    • Make a list of things you want for the next season.
    • Either you can gradually buy stuff before time.

The primary care of storing your hunting clothes is to keep them scent-free. Otherwise, you will be served as the dinner of animals on the next trip.

Therefore, always opt for the solutions that will help in contaminating the odor. The idea you chose should be airtight or either transfer-proof

You can have a look at the methods mentioned above as well.


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