How To Make A Vampire Hunting Kit

Vampires are deadly creatures, lived upon the blood of the livings, specifically human beings. It is the part of great fictional stories or either movie.

Vampires are also known as night residence creatures looking for their prey around.  Several people believed that the vampire is rejuvenated after death; they survived by eating the blood.

How To Make A Vampire Hunting Kit  

The vampire killing kits came into being back in the  19 century, after a pistol action in the USA. It was called the vampire kit.

It comprises a pistol, bullets, and a wooden stake.

Later on, a series of vampire kits were released and auctioned for sale. These were on the pricier side.

How To Kill Vampire

It is deadly to kill a vampire. But the things you can do to kill a vampire are

      • You have to stake them through the heart.
      • Kill them by ripping the head off.
      • You can either use the vampire hunting weapons to assassinate them.
      • Sunlight is the key to kill vampires, as shown in movies.
      • Holy water usage as the source of killing.

How To Make A Vampire Hunting Kit

Vampire Hunting Kit History

Traveling was expensive at that time, and to European counties was a hustle. It happened when the arrival of vampire hunting kits in the 1800s started.

It came into being after the release of the fictional book castle Dracula Transylvania. It talks about vampires and how they affect human life.

Then first-time vampire kits were given to the people traveling to Transylvania.

In the 19th-century, a vampire hunting kit was a great hype then. It became the source of earning business later. The release of Dracula’s book boosted the craze for vampires in people.

The kits are comprised of everything an individual needs for their safety from vampires.

      • The sacred book “Bible.”
      • A pistol
      • The wooden stake
      • A crucifix
      • Few garlic cloves or either an organic garlic oil.
      • The serum for the safety from an attack of a vampire or even the bite.

Professor Blomberg created vampire kits. The outlook of the kits was like the first aid boxes from ancient times. It was made of wood, and the glimpse of them on the table was attractive. The plan was to collect antique things rather than the usage of the kits.

It was the reason for the vampire kits, and later none of them were authentic.

How Do Vampire Pistols Become Expensive?

The antique pistol seller once starts selling those pistols, which do not work nowadays. He says that these are antique vampire hunting kits for sale.

It helps him earn a lot because there is no authenticity from where and when vampire kits were made.

How To Make A Vampire Hunting Kit

The vampire kits present in the market are costly to buy. You can make a vampire hunting kit DIY by following the simple instructions down below.

Things Required

The things you need to make a vampire kit are:

      • The box of wood with a top.
      • A glass bottle
      • A cross
      • Garlic
      • Any fabric
      • Cardboard piece
      • Sharp knife
      • Scissors

Steps To Make Vampire Hunter Kit

Choose the box according to your things.

      1. First of all, you should stain the wooden box with a paintbrush.
      2. Now cut the piece of the fabric and glue it inside the box.
      3. You have to make the compartment with the cardboard according to the stuff.
      4. You can now fix the cardboard pieces the way you want your compartment size.
      5. Sharpen the edges of the wood dowel and polish it.
      6. Further, put holy water in the glass bottle and name it with a marker.
      7. Now put all the things in the compartments.
      8. Your DIY kit is ready.

The Vampire Killing Kit Content

The things a vampire kit includes are:

      • The Holy Bible.
      • More than one wooden stake.
      • The wooden cross stakes.
      • Bottle of holy water.
      • A package contains few cloves of garlic.
      • The container of rock salt.
      • A single piece of the holy rosary.
      • The mirror to suspect the shadow of a vampire.
      • A matchbox
      • Candle
      • The silver chain
      • A sharpen knife
      • Maps for a hunting spot.
      • Few Iron coffin nails
      • A book on how to recognize a vampire?

Some of the other kits also consist of:

      • A pistol with some bullets in it.
      • An ax
      • Bottle of holy oil.
      • The box of millet.
      • Binoculars
      • Magnifying glass.
      • Tooth pliers
      • Compass
      • Frankincense
      • Neck guard
      • Garlic powder

Uses of Some of The Tools of Kit

      • Holy Bible: it is used for the safety of vampires as they are afraid of God.
      • Cross sign: it helps in the protection.
      • Candle: gives you light at the darker time in the night.
      • Mirror: you can suspect the vampire through the shadow in the mirror.
      • Neck guard: to cover the vampire bite.
      • Iron Nails: the vampires stay away from iron. You can either use the nails to shut the coffin or to kill the vampire.
      • Frankincense: or is an ancient technique to burn them, and the aroma represents protection.
      • Millet: you can throw up the grains on the floor to make vampires run away.
      • Garlic powder: it is the best deterrent method.

How To Make A Vampire Hunting Kit

Does the vampire exist? The question has been raised for many years. The answer is always diplomatic because the older people had a strong belief about it. You can not change it.

Even the concept is present in many literate people as well. The movies showed on television reflect the personality of the person. They believe in all the superstitious acts followed for years.

The recent accident happened in 2004; the family killed the relative by cutting it first, ate it, and burned the rest. It is happening in the world, especially in eastern European countries.

For all these aspects, vampire kits were built. But the vampire hunting kits price is not pocket friendly. Therefore, you should opt for DIY kits. Follow the above instructions.

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