How To Keep Feet Warm While Hunting

Are you a fan of hunting? Do you love the season of hunting deer? But what if you feel too cold to go out?

When you go out to hunt, you can not feel your feet down when you move. It is only because of the minus temperature you are facing.

The breeze blowing can freeze your body and the view. You can’t hunt it because the shoes you chose had made your socks wet.

How To Keep Feet Warm Hunting?

Cold wind can not stop you from going out, but your frozen feet can. If your feet are freezing, you can not take a proper shot.

Feet is the main component to keep your body warm. You have to pack yourself according to the weather condition.

Sometimes the sweat on your foot can make them cold. Either the snow on the boots is the reason.

It can be the cause of your illness too. Therefore, keeping your toes warm is vital then to plan a trip.

Hacks To Keep Feet Warm While Hunting 

Are you thinking of going out hunting? Do you imagine yourself hunting a deer? Then stay tuned to know how to stay warm while hunting?

You will get to know some fantastic tips and tricks down below.


Choosing the best socks to keep your feet warm is an essential part of the trip. Sweating is also another cause of wet socks which leads to cold.

      • The cotton socks are the nearest to prefer because they can absorb the moisture from the feet and light in weight.
      • Wool is another option for moisture-wicking socks and is cozy as well.

Socks As Liner

If you feel colder and it seems the socks will not help you keep your feet warm. You can use a sock liner. 

      • It is light in weight and hugs your toes without creating any moisture. 
      • It is made up of wool or mixed material. 
      • The layering of socks works in combination to help your foot away from cold. 

Socks With Batteries

Have you ever heard about electric socks? You listened to it right, the socks having some pairs of batteries and the easiest solution to how to keep feet warm hunting.

You are waiting for your prey and feeling your cold feet while sitting; electric socks are made up for you.

      • The wires are relatively thin and attached to the fabric of socks.
      • The battery plug is on the top of the socks, which may mess your shoes.
      • You can increase the temperature of the socks up to 135 degrees or as low as you desire.
      • You can click on it whenever you want to be cozy.


After the selection of socks, boots are essential. Therefore, choose them wisely.

You need some good and insulated pair of boots. How to choose your shoes:

      • Firstly, the weather of hunting depends on selecting boots.
      • Secondly, the boots you choose should be less breathable and insulated. The breathable shows can cause airflow in the upper mesh resulting in cold feet.
      • Lastly, the comfort zone is necessary. Wear the boots before buying as it is worth the comfort.

Shoe Pad

It is not tricky hunting nowadays because of the highly advanced equipment. You never heard of the insulated heat pads made up for your boots.

      • You can layer them in between your socks and start warming yourself.
      • It will give support to your feet as well.
      • It is available in fleece and the skin of the animal.

Toe Warmers

Toe warmers are an instant way to keep your feet away from cold. They are disposable, once you have opened it and later they are of no use.

      • You can only use it once.
      • They are skinny like insoles that can give you heat up to 6 hours.
      • You have to open the plastic bag and voila they are activated.

Hunting Layering System

To keep your feet warm, you also prefer to cover your body accurately. 

      • You need to choose your underwear as the primary layer. Therefore, select the merino wool base layer hunting. It is ideal for keeping you warm and dry.
      • Layering your clothes help you fight cold weather. The attire for best mid-layer hunting should be a warm and windproof vest. It will allow your core to be friendly and toasty.
      • To choose your last or the upper layer is crucial. You need to look ahead for the temperature and then buy less bulky jackets with some insulation in them.

Warming Your Head

Aren’t you talking about feet warming? Yes, you heard, right. But keeping your head warm can keep your feet warm. You need to use a good hat that can take you away from the cold. But the material should be merino wool or synthetic, which helps out from the moisture.

Additional Warm Feet Hacks

The above information is to keep your feet warm while using clothes. But below you will get to know some extra beneficial hacks. It will solve your problem with some products to keep your feet warm.


Paper is an excellent insulator of heat. A few years back, people use paper to heat themselves. You can make a fan of newspaper and place it underneath your shirt. It will warm your body and create a barrier from the wind. You can put the paper folded on your foot, that can work as socks as well.

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Plastic is an excellent insulator, as well. The plastic does not permit any air to pass through. You can fold it on the feet’ upper side, no air passage, no cold toes.

Duct Tape

The forecast is popping snow outside. Then you should opt for extreme cold weather hunting gear. The usage of duct tape is worthwhile. You can wrap it around the upper portion of the shoes, and you are good to go.

There are several ways on how to prevent cold feet while hunting. You can choose according to your ease. There are no hard and fast rules just prefer your comfort and material quality.  


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