Catch Octopus With A Fishing Rod

There are so many ways to catch an octopus, including using pots, spears or by use of the hand. Few people have an idea that you can fish one using a fishing rod too. When using a rod, you apply the same method as catching any other type of fish. It would help if you prepared the rod by ensuring it gets well strung with the appropriate fishing line. Fishing with this method should be something one can easily even if you are an amateur. Below is a guide on how to catch octopus with a fishing rod.

1.  Prepare The Rod

You should consider the type of rod you want to use for catching octopuses. Whichever one you choose best, ensure it is firm, durable and easy to use. Have everything you need, connect any parts and ensure the rod is correctly stringed. If not, you will have a hard time fishing. Finish the set up before venturing into the fishing process.


Prepare The Bait And The Lure

Octopuses get attracted by bright coloured things. If you are going to attach a lure to the fishing line, go for the ones that are bright in colour. If you want a higher chance of fishing for one quickly, the bait should be a fish or a small octopus if you are using artificial lures. The best colour that will attract them the most is the colour red; if you have it in this colour, there is a chance you might get a catch. You can also use fresh baits like raw fish to attract and trap it.

Catch Octopus With A Fishing Rod


Find A Fishing Spot

Before you go fishing for one, survey an area with plenty of octopuses. The larger the concentration, the more likely you are good to have a catch.Also, locate their hiding places like rocks or holes; this is where you will find most octopuses hiding. It is pretty easy to notice one depending on the water you are fishing on. They leave traces of where they have been. Some of the things that can make you know are things like broken shells of crabs or shellfish.

Spotting any of these is a good sign that the area has octopuses, if not one. Try looking for places with shallow water or spots with holes. Rocky places are the best spots to locate one. You can never miss any in places like these.


Fish At The Right Time

One can find them anywhere, and they do come in a variety of species. Some camouflage and will change their colour depending on the environment. The season where you can have plenty of them is during August and December. In other areas, it is likely to be between May to July. Octopuses can be on-shore or off-shore in various months of the year, depending on the place that you live.

The best time to catch an octopus is early in the morning, between seven or eight in the a.m. The octopuses spend most of their time hunting at night and get exhausted by morning. At night they are very active, and it can be difficult to catch one, it is best if you wait until the time they get tired.

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Cast The Rod

After you have found the perfect spot and have the rod complete and ready for a catch, give it time before casting. These creatures are exceptionally delicate, and you need to do your best not to scare them away. Instead, make it as comfortable as possible so that it won’t have an idea it’s getting trapped.

Catch Octopus With A Fishing Rod

Run it around the possible places it might be hiding and then allow it to get to the bait. It’s always good to wait for a moment after you have cast the lure. You know you have a catch when you feel some tugging on the line.



If you are pretty sure that the hook has caught something, wait until there is no movement. Sometimes the octopus might be around but haven’t taken the bait. Start reeling to bring the octopus out of the water. Due to its aggressive nature, it will still keep struggling once you get it off the water.


Release The Octopus

Check the octopus’s size you have caught if the appropriate weight anglers are allowed to fish. It is essential not to break the law and regulations by taking home an octopus left alone in the water. It should be above 30cm long for one to legally catch it. Octopuses are very aggressive, and they will try by all means to get loose of the trap.

Catch Octopus With A Fishing Rod

They are very defensive towards a predator, and you should be careful when releasing one off the hook. Be safe from possible injuries; it is best to remove it immediately you pull it out of the water. Please do not wait until it becomes restless, as it might die. Be gentle and careful when removing the hook from its mouth. You can get bitten with their beaks.

They defend themselves by twisting their legs around your hands and working their way up to your neck. To be safe from the bites and the twisting legs, tame them, turn the capsule off their head inside out. It won’t be able to do anything in that position but will remain alive.

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Keep It Appropriately

After removing it from the hook, you will need to keep it somewhere safe where it won’t die. Please place it in a container filled with some water. Store it in the water until you transport it or use it.

Fishing for octopuses is a great sport that people enjoy doing. Some people catch them accidentally when they fish for other types of fish in the water. Some anglers just set with catching an octopus in mind. They make a delicious meal afterwards, and they can be anywhere, so fishing one shouldn’t be a problem. Once you have the right fishing gear and learn few strategies on how to increase your chances of catching, you will find it convenient with this method.


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