How To Inflate Aerobed While Camping

Many agree that camping is the coziest activity one can do. You get to relax your mind and body away from work. You want to feel the comfort, and that means preparing in advance is crucial. If you are planning to use an Aerobed when camping, then you ought to know how to inflate it. Learning the process in advance is very important. It will help you avoid getting stuck or stranded in the middle of the forest. You also do not want to be frustrated while fixing your Aerobed.

Inflating your Aerobed is one of the easiest things to do. It can also seem complicated if you fail to understand some basic concepts. Below is how to inflate Aerobed while camping using various methods and items.

Guidelines To Follow

Some people have confessed to having forgotten mattress pump at home while camping. That scenario can be very devastating and one probably you wouldn’t like to encounter. When you forget your mattress pump at home, what other means do you use? Some have always used electric pumps, garbage bags, hairdryers, generators, manual car pumps, and even car batteries. Here is how to use each of these to inflate your Aerobed while camping. Follow these suggestions to blow up your Aerobed successfully.

Inflating While Camping Using Pumps

If you have ever inflated an Aerobed while at home, you might have found doing it is very easy. But it is different when you are outdoors camping. You might either have access to electricity at the campsite or not. When there is no electricity, you will have to use manual pumps, which takes up a lot of time.

If there is the availability of electricity at the campsite, there are few options on the type of pump you will use. Get the right pump for your Aerobed. And when using it, ensure it doesn’t get wet to reduce the risk of electric shock.

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How To Inflate Aerobed While Camping

Using AC Electric Pump And A DC Inverter

Here you will be able to use an inverter, which will help you to power your standard pump off your car. It would help if you plugged in the DC inverter with the outlets into the car lighter, starting pumping the Aerobed. You will leave this for some time while the AC power is sucked in by the inverter, thus helping you use your car’s lighter. You should always leave the car running as the inverter uses more energy.

Using A 12V Electric Pump And Your Car

It is among the easiest to use though you will have a problem with large Aero beds. You will leave them plugged in your vehicle while inflating your Aero bed. While using some of these, you do not have to go your car running. They mostly come with attachments that can be charged at home and use while outdoors.

When operating it, its nozzles should always remain closed, and within a few minutes, you will have inflated it. Please choose the right nozzle and install it, and after inserting the nozzle, plug in the electric pump and turn it on.

Using A Battery-Operated Pump

Battery-operated pumps usually are the best option, especially if you are going to camp in the furthest place. It’s advisable to purchase more than one battery for your pump when going camping. Before buying the batteries, always ensure the brand battery matches each one. Failure to purchase one that matches each, you will not ignite it to pump your Aerobed.

You do not have to connect the battery-operated pump to any outlet to inflate your Aerobed. Start by spreading it inside your tent and ensure nothing is blocking it. Once you are sure your pump is fully charged, take it and inflate it. Please make sure no part of your body is on top of the bed while you fill it. Afterward, confirm its firmness and plug it closed.

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Using Manual Pumps

The manual pumps like the one used to fill in a ball or bicycle can pretty work well. You will not need electricity for any connection. It is cheap as no electricity or batteries required. It will only be necessary to have something on hand and the energy to inflate your bed.It would be best if you start by placing your bed on a flat surface then open the plug. Connect the pump to the pin and confirm if it’s tightly inserted and no air will come out.

Begin by pressing the pump to inflate your Aerobed. Continue with the process until you are sure that the bed is fully inflated and comfortable sleeping. This process will take time, and patience is needed. Slowly by slowly, you will be able to inflate it.It might last for about 15 to 20 minutes. More hard work is required, and energy as you will be using physical effort.

Inflating It using Hairdryer

If your camping site has electricity, you can easily use a hairdryer, which means no pump is required. It would help if you were careful when creating a seal around the bed and at the end of the hairdryer. First, lay your Aerobed out and plug in the hairdryer. Make a seal using tape, then inflate it until it is firm and steady for sleeping. Keep in mind not to use your hairdryer for long as it might overheat.

Make sure you confirm even if you are using the cooling effect hairdryer. The last thing you want is to destroy your Aerobed or injuring yourself in the process.

There are many ways to inflate your Aerobed while camping. All those processes mentioned above can help, among others not detailed. It can be with the help of a vacuum cleaner, garbage bag, and other options. There also some who use generators instead of batteries though carrying a generator can be a lot heavy. You do not have to stress yourself out because you forgot your tools back home. Remember always to check the place you lay the Aerobed to ensure there are no sharp objects that might pierce it hence deflating it.


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