Why Keep Your Dog Warm

Camping is enjoyable and fun with family and friends. It’s also more exciting when you go camping with your dog. Many have always said that it was one of their best camping moments when they tag their dog along. When you plan to go camping, always remember to pack warm materials to help you stay warm. It also should imply to your dog. Many people tend to forget, and in the end, their dog ends up shivering, making the whole camping session dull. You do not want that to happen, and that’s why this article will provide tips on how to keep a dog warm while camping.

Why Keep Your Dog Warm?

Dogs feel cold any time of the day as long as the weather changes. They are not able to communicate, but we can tell. They will always show signs when they feel some discomfort. It is healthy to keep your dog warm. You will not want your dogs to develop sickness like hypothermia, making their heart rates slow. It could potentially put your dog a risk and expose it to more danger.

It is beneficial to keep your dog warm, and if you are unsure about how to, the article will provide tips on how to. Here is how to keep your dog warm when you go camping.

Why Keep Your Dog Warm

Tips On How To Keep A Dog Warm While Camping

There are many ways in which you can keep your dog warm while camping. These tips will help not only you but also your dog to stay warm. Both of you will enjoy your camping trip till the last day. Some of these ways are snuggle, puffy coat, warm water bottle, lightweight blanket, sleeping bag, or a pad. Read below on how you can use this method to keep your dog warm while camping.

1. Snuggle

Snuggling warms dogs very quickly, unlike other ways. You can achieve this by the use of your sleeping bag. Both of you will not fit in, which means you will have to open or unzip your sleeping bag. It would be best if you put a blanket on your Ther-ma-rest, then lay on top of it. After unzipping your sleeping bag, your dog will come and sleep next to you. Your dog will be capable of snuggling you, and with that, it will keep warm.

2. Use A Sleeping Bag Or Pad

Another way is by considering the use of a sleeping bag or pad for your dog. There are many companies now that promote sleeping bags or pad travel bed for dogs. There are many different types. It is recommended to choose the right one that suits your need and budget.

Make sure you go for durable ones that are polyester outer shell and are also water-resistant. They should also have a fast-drying layer, which provides your dog with the comfort of being dry all through.

Most of the dog sleeping bags typically weigh around 2-3lbs same as a human sleeping bag. Your dog will be able to curl itself up between two layers and hence create its body heat.

3. Warm Water Bottle

Did you know you can also buy a warm water bottle for your dog? Many think that it’s only human beings have the right to use a warm water bottle. Surprisingly, your dog too can use it to keep warm while you are camping. If you own a warm water bottle, you will do the usual process when keeping yourself warm. Boil water and put it inside the warm water bottle. Due to its hotness, take an item of clothing and wrap the bottle, then place it next to your dog as they curl up. Make sure you test the water bottle on your skin first. If it’s scorching, then your dog cannot handle it.

Why Keep Your Dog Warm

4. Lightweight Blanket

Blankets are always known to provide warmth when the weather is seemingly cold. A person can either use a heavy material or a lightweight one. When going camping with your dog, you can always carry a light blanket. Lightweight blankets are affordable and can be easily folded and packed. They are can also roll up enough to act as a padded bed for your dog. It will create a beautiful and comfortable sleeping area for your dog. You do not have to worry that your dog will tear it using its nails. A little training can help.

5. Puffy- Coat

Why not invest in a puffy coat for your dog? Some companies make puffy coats for dogs. These are available in different sizes and colors according to your choice. Keep in mind that the weather can change anytime, and you want to be ready at all times. The puffy coats are warm enough and can provide warmth to your dog. They are lightweight and will take less space on your back-pack. They are designed to have side buckles, which help them to keep warm all night as they won’t come off.

6. Cuddle Together

An individual who has two dogs can always make the dogs cuddle each other. If you have seen doges cuddling each other, then it’s to provide warmth. If you have a sleeping bag, you also add that. You and your dogs can sleep under one sleeping bag by putting it up on top of all of you. Make sure your dog’s sleep next to each other.

When you keep your dog warm while camping, it will have a lasting benefit to both the pet and the owner; it will be more comfortable throughout and also stay healthy. You will be at peace knowing your dog is doing right and enjoy your camping altogether. The last thing you want is to spend money to take your dog to see a vet due to developing an illness due to the cold. To have enjoyable camping trips with your dog, you need to plan. Make sure you get every essential item ready beforehand. Like you would protect yourself and your family from cold, ensure you keep your dog warm.


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