How To Attach A Sleeping Bag To A Backpack

Backpacking is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Backpacks are, however, have limited space and may not carry everything needed you to need for camping. A backpack can get overstuffed to the point where there is no more room for extra stuff. To ensure your sleeping bag doesn’t get left out, you will have to attach it to the backpack. Since sleeping bags can’t fit inside the bag, you will need to be a little bit creative. With that said, here is how to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack.

Choosing A Sleeping Bag

If you are backpacking, you will need to choose a sleeping bag that makes it easy to fit in a backpack. Check if the sleeping bag has pad loops to make it attachable to the bag. Can it be placed inside the bag?

Folding The Sleeping Bag

If you need the sleeping bag to fit, you will have to use a proper folding technique to make everything fit inside the bag. This is where you will need to put your packing skills into practice. How well you fold it will make it fit nicely in the bag or take much space for no apparent reason. Make the sleeping bag as compressible as possible. Fold it depending on the method you are using to have it on the backpack. If it goes inside, it needs to stay as small as possible. When putting it on the straps, it should also be secure without worrying about it accidentally falling off the bag.

How To Attach A Sleeping Bag To A Backpack

Pack It Inside The Bag

Most backpackers like to have their sleeping bags packed outside, but having them inside is also a great way to do it. The reason most people fear putting it inside is because of the amount of space it takes up while inside. Some backpacks have straps located inside the bag. The downside of having it inside comes about when the sleeping bag absorbs moisture. No one wants to have the wet sleeping gear to cover themselves with when sleeping. Ensure it stay dry at all times.

It should, however, not deter you from keeping it in the bag. The trick is to fold the sleeping bag so that no moisture will get inside the bag. Roll it as tight as possible to make it smaller and easy to carry and also fit in a backpack. If your bag comes with a dedicated compartment for the sleeping bag, it will make parking easier. But if it doesn’t, you will need to pack like a minimalist. Place it underneath or at the bottom of the backpack.

Use The Straps And Loops

Most of us are unaware of the uses of the loops and the straps in the backpacks. Not all camping backpacks have loops or straps. But if yours is equipped with them, you will use them to attach the sleeping bag. The straps work by securing the extra load, and they are located mostly at the sides of the backpack. Some have them situated in the back. Some people ignore these and use more of the ones at the side.

The reason being not all backpacks have been equipped with back straps. You do not need to have these straps available for you to attach the sleeping bag. Did you know you can create more if you want to add it to your bag? DIY straps are convenient for when you do not intend to purchase a new backpack but still want to go camping. Just make sure the sleeping bag has straps for connecting the loops.

DIY Straps

The easiest way to creating straps for the backpack is by improvising. It needs creativity, and you will have to open your mind to new ideas. Have a string tied on the bag to make loops to add more security and tightness. Since not all of us have the skills and patience needed to improvise our own, why not pop in a store to purchase strap buckles? You will find them in all sizes to accommodate the size you wish to have. They do not cost much, and they save you time from having to do it from scratch.

How To Attach A Sleeping Bag To An External Frame Backpack

A backpack can have external, internal, or even both kinds of frames. All these are great, but it depends on a personal preference what best suits your needs. If you look at your backpack, you can be lucky to find some frames at the bottom of it. The brackets help to secure the tied sleeping bag.

If it is not secure enough, there will be an imbalance that can make the sleeping gear hang on one side or slide. If it falls, you have to repeat the same tying process. So before leaving for a hiking trip, you should countercheck to see if it is attached properly to the external frame backpack. Use the external frames to hold it together.

Using Buckles

Compression buckles have specific uses on a backpack – stability and covering gaps. They do help secure the sleeping bag and keep everything stable. If the sleeping bag doesn’t get attached correctly, you could end up with a swinging bag as you walk. It would be best if you had balance.

Bag Lid

Lastly, the other way to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack is by placing it on the bag’s lids. We usually use them to close the bag and keep it secure when you close up the bag. Place the sleeping bag on top of that lid, generally with internal frames, and connect it with the strings. Close any visible gap to prevent the sleeping bag from catching moisture.

A sleeping bag can be attached to the backpack in so many ways. The above methods are effective, and it helps you keep everything secured. When folding a sleeping bag to make it fit, you can kneel on it as you fold to make it compatible. How you can put it is either wrapping it, tie it or fold it inside the bag. Stuff it in a meshed net before putting it inside. If you are trying to save on space, you should pack it outside the backpack. All these methods will ensure nothing ruins your adventure.


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