How To Connect Two Tents

Are you looking for simple ways on how to connect two tents? Having one big tent brings people closer as a family and promotes a deeper connection. In other words, it’s a great way to bring everyone closer. That said, connecting two tents is a little bit tricky for laymen. But that does not mean it has to be a complicated and daunting task. Here are ways on how you can attach two tents. Hopefully, at the end of the day, you should be able to get that extra space you need.

1. Get Tents That Connect

The best way to connect two tents is to purchase tents that attach to each other. Some of these tents are locally available for purchase and are so much easier to connect. These tents with zippers enable the connection to take place effortlessly. It, however, connects if the tents are of the same brand. Having the same tents from the same brand makes it easy and quick to join as many tents as you want to.

If you can afford it, get the two tents from the same manufacturer and put them together to create more room for your friends or family. When camping, ensure that you and all the other campers have matching types of tents to enjoy that contact at the campsite.

2. Get Pods Or Connectible

Pods are the tents that naturally connect. They are the best option when you can’t figure out how to connect other types of tents. They are easy to set up and can accommodate a lot of people when camping. Pod tents are typical among campers who generally do not have that time to start connecting many tents. They are available for purchase online. If you can get them locally, you can carry them along in your adventure. They offer privacy to people sleeping under the same roof.

How To Connect Two Tents

3. Place A Tarp

A tarp comes in handy when you do not have tents that automatically connect. Sometimes you might have the tents, but they are of different brands. Using a tarp will help you join more than one tent together. You will need to have a large tarp that can bind both tents.

Let the tent’s doors be parallel across each other, one and a half meters distance away from each other. Support the tents with a cord positioned in a straight line. Let the cable pass through the middle of the tents you want to connect.

Place the tarp over the cord, ensuring it gets evenly positioned to create something like a hallway between the two tents. You should set the tarp in such a way that it does not become saggy. Give it additional weight if necessary.

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4. Cover Over A Smaller Tent Door

If you are camping and want to join more than two tents together, then this method will correctly work for you. You will need one larger tent that will act as a centerpiece and other medium or smaller tents. Put the larger tent in the middle and then place the other small-sized tents next to the bigger one. The doors of the other tents should align with the entrance of the large tent. Use the tarps to seal the points they get connected to and close them. Camping is about bonding and having memorable moments.

5. Clip Or Zip The Doors

Tents with the same door configurations make it easy to zip together. It is easier to clip the doors together if both tents the same number of entries. It is essential to know the zipping both tents have.  Some tents will have a spiral zip while you will get others, while others have a toothlike zip on them. Before conjoining the tent, the zipping type should be able to align with each other.

How To Connect Two Tents

For tents without the same zipping style, you can clip them to form a larger tent for other campers. While zipping the tents, make sure you leave out one door unzipped. It will act as your entrance or exit door. When working with tents with single doors on each, you will have to leave a little space that you can use to get in and out of the tent. Ensure you use durable clippers that won’t come off and ruin how you have joined the tents. Strong and durable ones will keep it secure without coming out quickly.

When you have clipped tents together, the tent is still at risk of getting invaded by insects. Insects can easily crawl in the visible gaps on the joint and therefore needs to be covered. To adequately cover it, you will need to place a tarp over the area.

6. Use Multiroom Tents

The best method to use that work without you linking two things together is with this type of tent. Multi-room tents have tents that connect. You don’t need to carry several tents to the campsites. They offer a great solution when you have trouble conjoining the tents. The rooms available on the tent can be enough to accommodate both you and your friends or family.

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With multiple rooms incorporated in a tent, everyone gets the privacy they needed. You do not experience risks like tent leaking because there was no proper connection when joining a tent. Added benefits of using multi-room tents are that it is strong unless the ones you manually connect. It can also accommodate up to ten people, and it is a great way to spend time together while camping.

Connecting two tents creates more room for campers to come together. One greatest challenge is how to get a big tent to accommodate everyone or all your gears. Joining two tents is essential when you tag along with your loved ones. If you know how to join two tents together, you can always apply the knowledge to connect more tents if two might not be enough. As you’ve seen, the methods are easy to follow and take less time to set up. As you get to create unforgettable camping memories, you also get to have spacious space to relax after a tiresome day.


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