How To Boil Water While Camping

Camping is an exciting way to reconnect with nature, and water is a necessity that shouldn’t miss on your camping checklist. You will need it for drinking, washing, showering and also cleaning.

There are various reasons why hot or warm water may be of need. For instance, boiling water is important if you need something warm to drink or make a drink. It is also one of the methods by which water can be made safe to drink.

Below are a few tips on how to boil water while camping.

1. Create A Campfire

A campfire, as the name suggests, is a fire at a campsite. It provides light at night, heat for cooking, and warmth. You can use it to boil water as well. It’s the most common method to use if your campsite does not have electricity and you are running out of options.

The first step is to gather some firewood. Position three big rocks around, and start a fire. You can place your cookpot over it and add water to boil.

How To Boil Water While Camping

Boiling water in a campfire can sometimes be difficult as you have to control the fire and ensure it gets burning until the water gets ready.

Campfires are not safe for windy days, and it’s the cause of many forest fires. So make sure you take extra precautions.



Some campsites have access to electricity, which is the right time not to forget to pack your electric appliances. For example, you can use small electric appliances such as a thermal pot to boil water and maintain it at a constant temperature. You may also want to try camping kettles such as a Ghillie kettle.


Solar-Powered Equipment

Not all places have access to electricity. Camping can take days, and you will frequently need hot water every day, especially if you are a coffee lover. There is plenty of solar heating equipment like kettles to help you have hot water at any given time.

Solar-powered equipment is only effective and efficient when you are camping during summer. On cold days or areas, using solar-powered utensils can be hectic as there won’t be much sun available to be converted to energy. However, it is a cheaper method to boil water with solar-powered cookware. Water heating bags powered by solar shouldn’t miss in your packing list. It can sometimes not be effective; the water can take hours to boil depending on the sun’s rays.

They suit any camper, whether you are setting up a tent or backpacking. Environmentally, it is eco-friendly and safe to use without affecting flora and fauna. Boiling water with this bag is easy and requires minimal effort.


Internal Flame Kettle

Having this on your campsite is efficient, especially for people camping with their kids. Having a fire is not safe with kids running around.

To save you the need of having to start a fire, use this kettle instead. It boils water faster. If there is no electricity around and the weather is bad to create solar energy, this is what you need to use. It requires no fuel or batteries to operate. It keeps water warm after boiling it.

How To Boil Water While Camping

The water gets boiled with an internal flame on the kettle itself. Little fuel is needed to get the kettle to heat the water inside, which is a better option for creating a campfire.


Use Your Car

Not so many people consider this an option, but a car can boil water. It helps power up your electric utensils to produce heat, e.g., people who car camp. There are kettles specifically made for use on the car. You have to plug them to get the water boiled. They’re compatible and are a quick way to make coffee or tea while still enjoying the adventure.


Jet Boil

This is ideal for campers who hike a lot and still need something to get the water hot. This compatible stove is very versatile and will boil water within seconds. They are gas-fuelled and therefore need to get attached to a canister for it to boil water. They easily fit on a backpack, therefore reliable for any camper.


Camping Stove

Camping stoves can be both portable and big. Based on the number of people you are camping with, this stove will make your cooking going at any time. You can have a kettle or a stainless steel bowl over it, pour water inside, and have them ready in a few minutes. Boiling water doesn’t take that long to be hot enough for your liking. You need to set it up to use it’s only suitable for a specific type of camping. Any stovetop cookware will fit it to heat the water.

How To Boil Water While Camping



If you bring along a grill, it won’t be only for BBQ, but you can also use it to boil water. Grill charcoals come in handy for many campers as electricity can be both expensive and inaccessible. When the fire is ready, you can place cook pots on top of it and boil water.


Canister Stove

Stoves are a quick way to cook anything and are lightweight. Once fuelled up, it will boil water in the shortest time possible. If you want to have a quick shower or something really quick for noodles, you got sorted. You can set it up anywhere and fetch water, have it on a bowl or kettle, turn the heat up, and wait for it to get ready.


Bucket Heaters

If there is electricity in your campsite, buckets heaters will get you water ready for your morning showers and drinks. The bucket can heat water up to 180 degrees, and it’s good for a large family camping. You can have the insulated buckets or carry immersion heaters. They all work to keep water hot.

There are quite a several ways to boil water while on a trip. You can opt to go the traditional way by setting campfire and using bowls or kettles over it. If the weather is great, the sun can be your next best friend with your solar-powered heaters. You can need hot water for many purposes other than just drinking. Not having a way to boil option shouldn’t ruin your camping adventures.


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