How To Train A Hunting Dog

Are you a dog lover? How many dogs do you owe?

Dogs are known as man’s best friend. They are the most loyal animal on earth. Even the dogs are the happiest space in your home.

But as a hunter, you want a companion to accompany you. You can train your dog for hunting birds.

You can get to know the best strategies to train a dog about hunting.

How To Train A Hunting Dog

Dogs love to play with their owner. They like to run, and fiddle with the ball is their favorite hobby. Dogs are very sharp and can learn new things very quickly.

Birds hunting is the type of sport played by dogs for many years. Bird hunting dog training consists of three factors:

      • To track the scent of birds.
      • Flushing is an act to go further scare the bird and attack.
      • Retrieving a bird is the success of the hunt.

Which Type Of Dogs Are Trained For Hunting

Your home pets can not be trained for hunting like poodles. Different breed hunting dogs are instructed. The dogs are

      • Basset Hound: these dogs are famous for their sniffing sense.
      • Labrador: The labrador retriever hunting training dogs are useful in attacking small creatures like birds.
      • Some of the other famous hunting breeds include beagles, bulldogs, lacy dogs, and walker hounds.

Bird Dog Training Tips

Some of the useful tricks to train a dog for hunting are described below.

Selection For A Puppy

The first step you do is to select a dog. If you want a dog only for the sake of hunting, then opt for the young one because the training process will be more comfortable rather than training an older one.

The young one learns quickly all the techniques of the hunting style you want him to know.

How To Train A Hunting Dog

Characteristics For Hunting Dog

The characteristics are:

      • Sharp
      • Aggressive
      • Respectful
      • Vigilant
      • Courageous

These are the qualities a bird dog has. Some of them are good at water attacks like ducks and soil attacks; choose the breed according to your hunting type.

Obedience Training For Hunting Dogs

What if you love to adopt a pup but do not listen to you at your call? It means your dog isn’t trained yet.

Training a dog isn’t easy; instead, it seems easy, but it’s not at all. What does the dog learn in the initial stage, stays with them forever?

      • Be friendly with the dog to make them learn.
      • Some dogs are hyperactive; you need to stay calm with them.
      • If the dog is aggressive, you can opt for some electronic devices.

Basic Training

The essential factors to train your does are:

      • Sit
      • Lie down
      • Stay
      • Stop
      • Jump

These are the primary commands your dog should follow.

 If the dogs cannot follow it, then how they will accompany you on the hunting ground.

Another strategy to teach them basic training is to give them treats. Dogs are just like your kid; they listen to your command and provide them with a treat to encourage them. Always try to opt for friendly behavior.

How To Train A Hunting Dog

Exposing Your Dog To The Outer World

Some dogs are shy in contacting other people, either they hesitate to go out. Therefore, gradually expose them to the territory of the hunting area.

      • You need to take them out to observe the place and get rid of their shyness.
      • If you are a water hunter or a wood, then take them to explore the areas.
      • Make sure they learn to differentiate between the toy and the real animal.
      • Treats are the best option to encourage them, and when they get to know about it, they will always run for them.
      • Try to dictate them in the scenario of hunting, so it would not make them difficult.
      • Instead, practice makes it perfect.

Scent Of The Creature

The dog can hunt with his snuffing ability. Your step towards pursuing training is to initiate him to the new smell. Don’t bound yourself in the backyard; take him out and let your dog explore and enhance its sniffing senses.

Gundog Training

At first, the dogs are afraid of the gunshots. To make them brave, you should take your dog to the target areas. The more sound of shooting they hear, the more they will be used to the loud bang.

Sign Of Encouragement

Encouragement is the primary affection for how to train a hunting dog. The more you encourage your dog on little achievements, the more they will be loyal to you.

Little treats, kisses, on their head, and a small hug makes them happy and attached to their owner. It either makes things easy in the hunting ground.

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How To Train Bird Dog?

Consistency is the key to achieving any of your life goals.

      • Hence, make your training simpler.
      • Do not pressurize your dog.
      • Please give them space.
      • Try to encourage them to retrieve the attack.
      • Expose them to different environments.
      • Put grass lining on the dog’s box; it will help him flex the foot’s flexibility.
      • Gradually introduce them to gunshots, rather than the loud bang on the first visit.
      • Chewing the bird is the instant reaction of dogs but teach them with patience.

To train a dog is not practically possible in a single night. Try to teach a pup because it will inbuild the habits in them forever with the constant training.

When the hunting dog gets trained, he will be following you back without instructions. The dog will then find out the prey for you. First, it would be generous support in the woods.

The hunter should also take care of his pet first. You should take all the precautions for the sake of the dog’s safety. In case the shot hits your dog; you have some safety measures to protect him.


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