How Does Deep Hole Fishing Work

The deep hole fishing method is prevalent in Cambodia. You are likely to see it in other parts of South Asia, as well. Depending on what you intend to capture, this fishing method is best for species like snakeheads that spend most of their time on the wetland searching for food, shelter, or security. It is an ancient fishing method, but few people prefer this method over angling. But how does deep hole fishing work? In this article, we’ll look at how exactly this fishing technique works.

What Is Deep Hole Fishing?

It is one of the popular fishing methods that were carried out in the ancient days in Cambodia. It works by digging a hole to trap the fish. Unlike other methods, this one does not require casting or fishing lines. You have to dig a spot that is almost three feet deep. It is mainly used to catch fish that comes to land to search for shade, food, or run away from their predators.

Why Should You Use The Deep Hole Fishing Method?

How Does Deep Hole Fishing Work

The Cambodians have this as part of their culture, but that doesn’t mean anyone can’t try out this fishing method. There are circumstances when deep hole fishing is ideal. It’s a great way to catch fish without too much hustle. All you need to do is dig a hole with a little water inside, cover, and wait for your massive catch.

There is no special fishing gear needed for this method. And you will never have to worry about making a rod, having fishing bait and hooks. Plus, it is an efficient way to catch a lot of fish at once. Even if you forget to bring along your fishing gears on your trip, you have something to get you sorted.

How To Fish With This Method

1. Digging A Hole

The hole is not just dug on any open ground. It has to be somewhere near a water source like rivers or lakes where fish lives. There are so many tools you can use in digging the hole, one of them being a shovel. The soil near the water bodies are usually wet and therefore soft to dig through when creating a deep hole.

When you dig a hole next to the water body, the chances are that water can wash away the spot; you, therefore, need to create a barrier between the two. The walls work not only to prevent flooding but also to prevent the fish from swimming back into the water.


Fill It With Shallow Water

You need to catch the fish but ensure they also stay alive while on the hole. To do this, you will have to add a little water. It helps the fish to swim in while being trapped. Otherwise, you will only get the trapped fish when they are dead already. Too much water will sweep them away. Only fill the hole with a little water to help the fish survive.


Conceal The Hole

Once the hole is ready, you will have to cover it. Cover the top with some twigs, grass, or even branches. You can never miss any foliage near the water body to cover the hole.

How Does Deep Hole Fishing Work


How Fish Get Trapped

When the hole is thoroughly and well covered, you can walk away and wait for the catch. Fish get attracted to so many things and they won’t notice they are inside the hole. They can be trapped in the cave when they slither or swim inside the hole. The shallow water will make it not to suspect anything as water is life for fish. They also get trapped when they escape from the harsh sun and want a cool place to stay.

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Best Time For Fishing

If you live in Cambodia, definitely there are peak seasons for doing this type of fishing. There is plenty of catch in different times of seasons than the others. Deep hole fishing is most effective when done in dry seasons. You get to catch more fish during this season than when it’s a wet season. As said earlier, fish are attracted to water, and during this season, they will get more attracted to the water inside the hole to look for more water.


The Type Of Fish You Are Likely To Catch

There are various fish that will get trapped in the hole. Some of these include either Perch but most commonly snakeheads. They are more attracted to the land than to the water. They come out to hide in the ground to get some shade and protection from the branches or twigs.

Snakeheads, for example, are more common inland to hide from getting trapped in the water and to also look for food. The good thing with this fishing method is that once the fish goes inside, it can’t get out until you remove it, or it accidentally gets washed away if there is an overflow.


Closing The Hole

When you have enough catch, you should not leave the hole that way. Ensure you fill it with more soil to avoid any more fish getting trapped. You can use the soil you initially dug out from the ground. If you forget to cover this hole, you will find more fish trapped, and this can be wastage if you do not intend to come back for more fish from the spot.

Deep hole fishing is a method that anyone can try out even if you do not live in Cambodian. If you are well conversant with the technique, you can get a good catch. It is all about digging a deep hole that’s about three feet and filling it with water. There isn’t much required after you have set up the trap. There is no special fishing gear needed for this method.

When you feel satisfied with the catch, you should close the hole to avoid trapping more fish if you do not intend to. This article provides everything you need to know if you get interested in the deep hole method.


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