Figuring out how to make a camping shower? Morning showers keep us feeling fresh throughout the day as we go about our activities. We all like to stay relaxed and refreshed after a long day of sweat and hiking. Unfortunately, not all campsites have an accessible shower, and you will therefore be required to be creative. Learn how to make your own shower for camping.

Things You Will Need

      • Nice location
      • Showerhead
      • Portable shower plugs in solar car adapter or computer through the USB port

DIY Shower Heads

If you are improvising your camping shower, sometimes you will not want to use shower heads from the store. If you are DIY savvy, you know there are different ways you can make your own showerheads. Improvise any materials like cans or any container. It needs to be round in shape. As long as water can pass through the tiny holes, it can work effectively. Make small holes on the can with nails and a hammer in a circular direction. If you are making your shower from scratch, you will need glue to attach the components.

Battery-Powered Portable Showers

These portable showers are locally available from online stores, and it is what most campers carry along. It works by placing it on a bucket filled with water as the water passes through the hose. You can quickly charge it on a 12-volt car adapter if you are camping or on a laptop/computer via the included USB cable. If you do not want to buy this one, you can make your own with a few materials.

Bucket Shower

A portable bucket shower is quick and easy to make when outdoors. You will need an empty 5-gallon plastic bucket with a lid, duct tape, driller, an empty bottle, and PVC pipes. Drill small holes at the bottom of the empty bucket to make a sprinkler head.

Create a small circled mark where you want to put the pipes. And then drill the hole to create an opening. It should be towards the bottom but at the sides of the bucket. Next is to fit the male threaded O-ring onto the drilled hole and add the coupler at one end. Hand screws it to the male threads to make it tight and secure. Do this from the inside of the bucket.

Ensure you seal the joints with a strong glue so that the components do not fall apart during showering. Add the PVC pipe with the showerhead. Fill the bucket with enough water. Tie the bucket’s handles with a rope and fasten it over a tree on a slightly higher level. Pull the string down to make the bucket go upwards, creating a pulley.

The pulley helps lift the bucket with water up without having to carry it all by oneself. If there is a branch the bucket can rest on, you can place it there. Whenever you wish to shower, you turn on the shower, and water flows from the showerhead.

Bucket Showers With Holes At The Bottom

It is the simplest method when you do not have a showerhead with controls for water flow. Drill a few tiny holes at the bottom of the bucket. Have another new bucket standby. You will need to cut the bottom of this bucket and use the bottom to place it onto bucket 1. The second bucket should have a flat bottom, which, when cut, creates a disk. Fill the bucket with the water you want to shower with and remove the disc when you are ready to have a bath.

How To Make A Camping Shower

Hula Hoop Shower Tent

This shower method requires you to have hula hoops or a plastic that is flexible to bend. Spread a curtain on a flat surface and then place the ring on top of it. Tie some thin ropes on the hoop; these are for hanging the shower tent. Place it on the broadest age towards one end of the sheet.

Leave a few inches at the end, which you will fold onto the hoop and secure with tape. Fold two corners of the sheet near the hula hoop as you proceed to round the circle with the sheet. Please do not attach the sheet all around it. Leave some space to be your shower door. Hang it on a tree branch, and you can use a bucket shower inside it when you feel like showering.

Umbrella Shower

An umbrella does not only protect you from sun and rain alone, but it’s a great material to turn into a shower when camping. The only things needed in this project are a big umbrella and some curtains. It is better to use your favorite umbrella as you will have to ruin it a little bit to make some showerhead holes. It is a relatively easy project that takes the shortest time possible. Make some small holes on the umbrella with any sharp object you can get at hand.

Open the umbrella and hang it upside down on a tree; branches will be a better option. Make sure it stays open. Take the curtains and drape them along the edges of the opened umbrella. The curtain should cover all around. It makes your shower and covers your shower room. Pour water on the umbrella depending on its size. Watch the water come out through the tiny holes as you enjoy taking your shower.

Staying refreshed shouldn’t t be a big deal when you are outdoors having the time of your life. The projects in this article are go-to methods whenever you feel like getting a warm or cold nice shower. These are everyday things we use for other purposes that you can turn into excellent shower time within a few minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you are camping in the woods, hiking, or at the beach. Create simple showers like a hose and hang it on a tree, it shouldn’t feel like the shower you are used to in your home, but at least it feels better after a long hike.



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