How To Make A Hunting Crossbow

A crossbow is a vital weapon used for the sake of hunting. It is handy, easy to operate, and without using any force.

The exciting factor about crossbows is they are not too expensive. When you get to know how to use it, you can either make different types of them at your home.

You can use them for hunting and also for food.

How To Make A Hunting Crossbow

The crossbows help you in hunting food and predators without any gun. You can make them according to the available material present in your space.

It takes no cost and time to build a weapon that helps you protect your family from starving in the season of hunting. You can learn different types of making simple crossbows at your home.

Essentials Of Crossbow Plans

Before making the crossbow, you need to study some essentials.

How To Make A Hunting Crossbow


The bow comprises the limbs and strings. The limbs are known as the flexible part with a curved shape. It is fixed with the stock where all the energy exists.

There are two different designed crossbows with other manufacturers.

      • Compound crossbow: it has rigid limbs.
      • Recurve crossbow: it had limbs that are away from the Archer.


The stock is the part where all the elements are attached to the stock. It is made up of wood or either plastic.

The stock helps an individual in holding.

It enables the hunter to give it reasonable control.


The triggers are the same as the ones in the rifle. But the difference is, it carries a little weight because of the string. It is the only way to fire an arrow towards the target.

How To Make A Hunting Crossbow


The bolt worked as an arrow of the crossbow. The shot depends on the bolt’s size and quality; it must not be too heavy or light for a perfect shot. The feathers placed at the bolt helps in the direction of a target.

How to Make a Hunting Crossbow

There are different types of crossbows you can make at home.

Aluminum And Wood 

It is a particular type of crossbow made up of aluminum and wood. It worked as a lightweight efficiency. Because of the weight, it helps the target to shoot quickly.

      • The front is made with aluminum that fits in the bead.
      • The steel rod gives the control forward support when the string is released.
      • There is no safety for the trigger, but you can add some.

How To Make A Wooden Crossbow

The material you need skewers, screw gauge, so, clothed pin, wire, wooden pieces, hot glue gun, and scissors.

      • First of all, tape both of the ends of the skewers together.
      • Put a wire on one end and bend it on the other.
      • Attach both of the pieces of wood with glue.
      • Later tape the bow on the wood.
      • Take another skewers same as the length of the wood, glue them both simultaneously.
      • Take the clothing pin and separates the steel part for making the trigger.
      • Again use a skewer for an arrow and use a tape at the end.
      • Now assemble everything and enjoy it.

Crossbow Pistol

The crossbow pistol is easier to use and very handy. You can take it anywhere you want to. The shoot to the target is very accurate and in less time.

You can use wood, cables for the brakes, PVC pipes, aluminum rod for the trigger, and wooden sticks.

      • Firstly cut the shape into xbow.
      • Carve the position for an arrow and attach a string to it
      • Cut the PVC pipes and connect your cables to make a bow.
      • Place the bow on the stock.
      • Finally, you will tie the bow with the trigger.
      • Your pistol crossbow is ready to work.

How To Make A Crossbow In The Wild

You can make an ideal crossbow from the things available in the jungle. You need to make it with a knife, rope, bamboo, word, saw, measuring tape, gouge, drill, and glue.

      • Gather all the items together.
      • When using bamboo, turn it to the outside, making holes to both the ends and give them a bow shape.
      • Attach the rope to the pits.
      • Again using a bamboo stem, cut the v shape to hold the trigger.
      • For making the trigger, carve the wood in T shape; remember to keep both thick vertically and horizontally to bear the string’s pressure.
      • To make arrows, again select the bamboo and sharpen the ends, later attach the feathers to it
      • Attach all the elements to create a crossbow.

How To Make A Crossbow Out Of Popsicle Sticks

This miniature crossbow is only for practice. You can make this with popsicles, a paper clip, and a wire.

      • Choose three popsicle sticks with the one with no ends.
      • Glue three of them together.
      • Put a deep cut on the back of the bar with the help of a knife.
      • Cut the quarter piece of the popsicle and glue it.
      • Make a hole on the popsicle and the stock.
      • Bend the paper clip at 90 degrees and attach the trigger and wire through the hole.
      • Take a rake, make a hole at both ends by putting a string in it.
      • Connect stack and the bow.
      • Use a paperclip and bend it, later take it around and attach it to the crossbow.
      • The miniature version is made.

You get to know excellent knowledge on making different types of crossbows. You can now make it anywhere with little things also.

It is an exemplary aspect of hunting food in the wild and either in terms of protection. If you want the crossbow and your budget is not allowing you. Then instead of being depressed, make it yourself.

By making it yourself, it will save money and also satisfy your needs. You can either make any one of the above if wanted.

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