Do you know that it’s a misconception that coyotes are naturally nocturnal predators? They are as active in the day time as the other wild animals. 

However, to avoid the urban population in the daytime. These predators adapted the nocturnal behavior for survival. You can guess their dynamic behavior through various vocal noises at night. 

Coyote hunting light is legal in some states but illegal in others. They are states that allow coyote hunting at night with shotguns. 

You may find some strict regulations of the season for nighttime coyote hunting. When planning to hunt, it’s essential to know hunting state regulations. 

Are there any particular coyote hunting strategies for nightfall?

Hunting coyotes in the darkness seems like an easy take when the night hides you from predators. However, coyotes are smart, and underestimating their abilities is not wise.

Coyotes have adapted themselves to nocturnal behavior. Their sense heightened with every sound, smell, and movement. 

Some trusted coyote hunting secrets can connect you with predators. Follow these simple tactics to have a successful hunt.

Coyote Hunting Tips

How To Hunt Coyotes In The Woods At Night

Darkness may give you some cover that daylight fails. However, coyotes sense their hunter by using their senses. 

Let’s discuss some useful tips for hunting these dog hybrids as some experts name coyotes. 

1. Use daylight for scouting and night for hunting

Darkness doesn’t mean you can have blind shots. You still have to scout the area for hunting at night. It’s essential to learn the hunting pattern of coyotes and their living spots.

The best places to visit are the transition and edges. Think like a predator who is hunting at rodents at night. It may help you in coyote hunting calls.

2. Place You Setup Considering The Wind 

Daytime coyote hunting calls require careful strategies for concealing. However, the darkness gives you a break from putting much effort into camouflaging. 

Avoid moonlight when setting the coyote stand setup. Make sure to set up your location with the direction of the wind in mind. 

Coyotes’ smelling senses do not take a break at night. And your poor decision may benefit the predators

It’s essential to plan, hunting at headwind or crosswind. It will avoid your smell, giving away your position. Coyotes are expected to respond to calls from the downwind. 

3. Effectiveness of light

When scouting the hunting grounds in daylight, keep in mind your might effectiveness changes at night. Open areas and little elevation can affect the light. 

Consider the foliage and terrain that can obscure the light beam. They can make it challenging to hunt. You may miss predators coming into coyote hunting calls.

Coyote Hunting Tips

Tactics for nighttime coyote hunting 

These coyote hunting tips for beginners will make your hunt successful. 

1. Use light to scan the area for coyotes

A coyote hunting strategy at night does not mean to shine light everywhere and find your prey. It’s essential to invest in a high-performance light for hunting. 

Why would you need a high-performance light?

Coyote hunting lights help you scan the area effectively. It’s essential to scan the same area multiple times. It will help you find the eyeshine of the predators responding to your call.

Expert Tip: Do not look for the whole coyote at first glance. Identify your hunt with only their reflection from the eyes.  

2. Opt For A Weapon with Mounted Light 

Night hunters need to include in their coyote hunting gear list. 

  • Light with a handle
  • A mounted light weapon 

If you are using light with a handle, then you need a stand to support your weapon. However, it will provide you with excellent maneuverability and versatility for casting light. 

If you opt for the mounted light weapon, your ability to scan the area will be limited. It’s recommended to hunt with a partner for an effective hunt. 

You can choose your partner for running light while doing the coyote hunting calls. In the meanwhile, you take the responsibility of shooting with the mounted weapon. 

3. Locate the sunshine 

It’s coyote hunting 101 to never look for the whole body of your predator. When you hunt at night, identify the reflection from the animal’s eye rather than their body. Eyeshine can be located from gathered distances compared to the entire physique. 

It will give you the advantage of shooting the predator at a great distance. You can also change your calling strategy. But after assessing the body language of the coyote.

Do you shoot once you identify the eyeshine?

Once you identify the eyes’ reflection, use the outer perimeter or edge of your light to pursue the animal. 

Identify the animal first because other animals like deers, raccoons, and foxes have the same eyeshine. 

3. Guide for coyote hunting light color

Coyote hunting light comes in various colors and advantages. Each hunter has its preference, and you can decide which color suits your needs. 

Some hunters experienced that certain animals are uncomfortable with some light. In the end, the decision falls on personal experience.

  • White light has the advantage of offering the greatest details at night.
  • Red light provides a better chance of identifying eyeshine.
  • The green light is useful in seeing dark objects. 

4. Evaluating the distance in darkness

This coyote hunting guide will provide you with some important information. Like tips to judge the distance in darkness. It’s essential to pay attention to the shooting areas and ranges. Especially when scouting during the daytime. 

Darkness changes your perception. It’s tricky to judge distance using the landmarks at night. The best practice for nighttime hunting is to keep the shot distances to short ranges.

It’s challenging to identify the coyote at longer distances at night. Moreover, you can barely see what’s beyond the target. 

Coyote Hunting Tips: Final Thoughts

These coyote hunting tips for beginners may help you hunt coyotes. However, to master hunting skills, it’s essential to make decisions on personal preferences. 

Use different tactics and strategies for hunting these predators. When the darkness rules, the field becomes more challenging

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