How To Repel Mosquitoes While Camping

Mosquitoes are things you are going to deal with while summer camping. If they are not well taken care of, they can ruin your adventure. In this article, you will find ways on how to repel mosquitoes while camping. If you want to deal with mosquitoes successfully and keep them away from your campsite, you will need to use more than one method.

Keep The Campsite Clean

Mosquitoes are attracted to unhygienic places. To keep them off, ensure you stay clean around the campsite. Have proper wastage disposal. Do not make the place filthy, which in turn will attract bugs. A filthy place will create a breeding place and create a habitat for the mosquitoes.

Avoid Strong Scents That Attract Mosquitoes

Insects get attracted to some scents. It is said mosquitoes are more attracted to people with blood group O than those people with A. If you are the group O type, it is better to keep some things than worsen them. Using scented deodorants and soaps will attract the mosquitoes even more. Various activities that make you sweat, like exercises, will make mosquitoes get attracted to the sweet scent. Avoid these activities at dawn or dusk when mosquitoes are more rampant. Stay hydrated at all times if you are camping in hot weather or take a shower whenever you feel sweaty.

Choose A Suitable Campsite

Stagnant water is a breeding place for mosquitoes. When setting up a location, it is best to avoid areas with stagnant water. The more you stay away from areas prone to mosquitoes, the safer you will be away from them. If you have to set a camp near any water body, the water should be running instead of being stagnant.

You will not notice their presence mostly when the sun sets in the evening. Also, areas to avoid are bushy areas with tall grasses where mosquitoes can live. Areas near dumpsites also host mosquitoes.

Set A Campfire

Lighting campfires make you feel warm and can also be a great way to keep mosquitoes away. If you have essential oils, you can incorporate them on the fire to add more scent. These natural scents keep away the mosquitoes as they act as insect repellants.

Effective natural mosquito repellants are lemongrass, lavender, thyme, among others. Burning them in a campfire will help release the scent faster in the air to keep them away. You can also cook with certain ingredients that put away mosquitoes when you lit a campfire. Some of these include garlic and onions. Have fresh and dried herbs to burn on the campfire.

Light Up Essential Oil Candles

Candles with essential oils in them help keep away the mosquitoes. Since mosquitoes appeared mostly in the night, the best time to burn the candles is at night. These oil scented candles can purchase locally, or you can purchase them online and bring them on your trip.

Have Citronella Tiki Lamps In The Tent

Having these lamps at your campsite will chase mosquitoes away. Mosquitoes are not attracted to certain smells. The smell produced when this lamp burns the oil is what repels the mosquitoes. Other than that, the lamp also provides you with light, and this also keeps the mosquitoes from coming into your location.

Its repellant properties make it ideal for bringing along on your trip. When you have other lanterns or flashlights, turn them off before setting them to bed. When you leave them on at night, they will attract mosquitoes as they are not repellant.

How To Repel Mosquitoes While Camping

Apply Natural Repellant Creams On Your Body

Tropical plants like aloe vera will help prevent mosquitoes. They not only keep these insects away but also prevent possible bites. Before going to bed, apply the cream on your body when sleeping inside your tent.

Other natural repellants that can come to your aid are mint or even vinegar. It doesn’t matter whether you have apple cider or white vinegar at hand. Both will work as repellants. The scent of vinegar is not pleasant to humans the same way it is not pleasing to the mosquitoes. Spray yourself with a solution of vinegar and water and around the campsite.

Bug Sprays And Bracelets

Natural bug sprays are the best than chemicals ones in terms of health. You should use bracelets if you are allergic to sprays. The bracelets are for wearing on wrists or hang somewhere near the tent.

Wear Long-Sleeved Clothes

Protect yourself from mosquitoes when camping by wearing long-sleeved clothing. The clothes will prevent you from getting mosquito bites. The more you expose yourself to mosquitoes, the higher the chances of getting sick from malarial diseases. Have mosquito repellant clothing at all times when you’re camping in areas prone to mosquitoes.

It is better to avoid putting yourself at risk. The right clothing will keep you extra safe even inside your tent. Avoid wearing dark clothes as they are attracted more to dark colors than bright colored ones.

Have Appropriate Tent

The right tent won’t leave space for mosquitoes to come inside. Ensure you shut the tent doors on-peak hours, that is, at dawn and dusk. Keep the tent zipped during the day when you are not staying inside and going for a hike or getting occupied with other things. Have a tent with a screened enclosure and a net inside the tent to add more protection. Cover the tent leaving no gaps for mosquitoes to enter in at night.

As you use these methods to repel mosquitoes, ensure you also bring a long net for added protection from bites. If you can’t stand the sight of hearing mosquitoes buzzing everywhere, plan before going camping. Bring the right gear with you and all the repellants you will need. Sometimes you will have to use more than one method to combat these bugs. Having a clean campsite will protect you from having to deal with these creatures. As long as you have the right repellants, there won’t be any more buzzing at night to disturb your peaceful sleep.


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