How To Make Fishing Rod In The Forest

The forest is a habitat of various species. There is everything needed when you wish to go fishing and do not have a fishing rod. A durable, long stick with bait is all you need to get the fishing rod complete for fishing. The forest is full of different types of sticks and you will never run out of options. The rod can be made out of regular canes or even bamboo material. Below are ways on how to make fishing rods in the forest.

1. Choosing A Fishing Rod

When in the forest, choosing a fishing rod can be very easy or complicated. There will be different types of woods to choose from for the pole. Different fishing styles call for other fishing rods. You can either choose a rod made of bamboo sticks or one made of sturdy stick material.

2. The Rod Measurements

Measurement is essential when choosing a fishing rod. When making your rod, you have the chance to pick the right sizes that best suit your fishing needs. Some rods go as far as fourteen feet. You may also decide to have a shorter rod when you intend to use a lightweight lure. If you are going fly fishing, it is best if you make the rod a little bit longer.

3. The Material Of The Rod

In the forest, the material that is more accessible is wood. Therefore, when making a fishing rod in the woods, you can either use a stick or bamboo. The material you choose to use should be sturdy to avoid breaking when casting the rod. Stick is a good option as it dries faster, and it takes a shorter time to get the rod ready.

With bamboo, it takes several days before the bamboo gets dry and ready for attaching the fishing line and the hooks. Sticks also dry faster even when exposed to direct sunlight than a bamboo material.

4.Weight Of The Rod

The weight of the rod gets determined by the hooks or lures you are going to attach to it. Lightweight lures won’t need a rod with too much weight, but when the bait is not light, a strong rod that can withstand the weight is essential. Different casting methods require different weights on a rod.

5. Choose A Lure

The forest is full of everything you might need. You don’t have to get artificial lures when you can quickly get some within the forest. You can opt to use live or dead baits. Some of these are readily available in the forest include earthworms, ants, grasshoppers, or caterpillars. Fish are more attracted to live traps than artificial ones.

6. Making A Fishing Rod Out Of Stick

When you are in the forest, you get surrounded by the woods. Therefore, a stick is the only convenient thing available to make a fishing rod.

7. Things You Will Need

            • A stick
            • A string
            • A hook
            • Fishing line

Directions To Make Fishing Rod In The Forest

How To Make Fishing Rod In The Forest

1. Use Sticks To Make A Fishing Pole

Start by making the fishing pole before proceeding to add the string and hooks. Find an excellent smooth and durable one that won’t break when you try to cast. Remove any branches, twigs, or leaves from the stick. You can use sandpaper to smoothen the surface. Remove any bumps on the stick

Tie a string on one end of the line. It is unlikely to stick with the same inches, tie the line towards the end of a narrower side. Ensure the knot is tight and won’t come out quickly. Take the excess string and wrap it around the stick’s ends.

Tie a thin fishing line at the end of the string and insert the hook on its ends. Thread it and tie it with knots that won’t come loose.

2. Make A Fishing Pole With Bamboo

The forest has different plant species. Getting a bamboo stick from the forest will be a difficult task to do. Select the best bamboo from the forest, one that is durable and won’t break easily.

3. Prepare The Bamboo Stick

Prepare the bamboo by cutting it into the desired size. Let the selected size be easy to grip on when casting it into the water. You can’t go to the forest and miss safety tools like a pocket knife. Smoothen the bamboo with a pocket knife if you do not have sandpaper. You should b left with a smooth finish when you get done.

4. Dry The Bamboo

It won’t be easy to use wet bamboo, and you should dry it in the sun before using it. Avoid exposing the bamboo pole to direct sunlight as this will damage it. Place it somewhere warm and dry away from the UV rays. It will take a longer time to dry and be ready and has turned into a lighter color. Drying it in the forest is not a good idea as bamboo takes more days to dry.

5.Put The Fishing Line

Attach a strong fishing line to the fishing rod that won’t cut when you catch a big fish. A monofilament will be a good example. Start tying from the handle. Leave an allowance of two inches from the rod. Stretch the fishing line up to the top of the rod. Do not overtighten it.

6. Put The Hooks

Put the hook at the end of the string. There is a variety available to choose from to add to the fishing line. You can add any sinker of your choice. If you do not have one, you can improvise with lures from leftover foods in the forest.

Making a fishing rod in the forest is an easy process when you get the right stick to use for the rod. You can naturally bait for the rod also either live or dead ones or even from leftover foods. When you have the right stick that won’t easily break when you cast, you can use any of the above methods to make one. It’s just a matter of getting the right stick but not cutting trees in the forest to get a fishing rod.


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