How to Put Line on a Telescopic Fishing Pole

Telescopic fishing poles are graphite carbon made rods. These rods are quite similar to any other fishing rod, just that they are very delicate and need proper handling. It is portable, and it can also be collapsed to become a small size when traveling with it. Their little size, when collapsed, makes them ideal for carrying them anywhere. Telescopic fishing poles are easy to string. It can be used for baitcasting, spin, or fly fishing. Read on to find how to put line on a telescopic fishing pole.

1. Open the telescopic fishing pole

This type of fishing pole, as said earlier, is collapsible. Before you start stringing, you will have to open and extend it. To do this, make sure you open from the tip to the bottom section. No lateral pressure should be applied to reduce the chances of moving when the pieces are twisted. Extend the parts of the pole one by one until the rod is all opened.

In case you experience any stuck parts, there are a couple of ways to remove them. One way is by using a bit of force to pull them as you twirl. Another alternative is to pour hot water on the joint. Do this on the side that looks larger from the point where it’s stuck. Hot water makes it expand and, therefore, easy to come out. If both methods do not work, try using ice cubes on the smaller side of the joint or add lubricants to soak in and then remove the parts.

2. Stringing a telescopic pole

This fishing rod requires no special stringing. When stringing, lay the pole down on a flat surface. It could be on the floor or on top of a table. The place you work on does not matter; what matters is the place you are working on needs to be flat. You will need a telescopic fishing pole, a fishing line, and a reel.

How to Put Line on a Telescopic Fishing Pole

3. Attach the fishing reel

Attach the fishing reel to the rod. All the rod pieces should be together before putting the line onto it. Check for the instructions if your rod came with one. If not, check online for the instructions for that specific fishing gear. Insert the reel on the reel seat and rotate until it’s all secure. Do not overtighten it; you might end up breaking the pole. An adequately positioned one will align with the eyelets/guides and will make stringing a lot easier.

4. Stringing the pole

Place the bail of the fishing reel facing towards the end of the telescopic fishing pole. Have your fishing line and start stringing from the farthest eyelet of the rod. Start with the eyelet closer to the end of the fishing pole. Work your way through all the eyelets until you reach the upper part of the rod. Lift the bale arm and put the fishing line on the bale. The line should be in the same direction as the reel. Take the end of the line and start threading from the bottom. Leave a few inches of the fishing line when you reach the top; you will need it to add the lure to it afterward.

5. Close the bale arm

When you have threaded it to the top, close the bale arm by flipping it in the other direction. Do the reverse of the order you had it on before and then test it. To do this, pull the line slowly and check if there is any line coming out. When trying it, another thing you need to check out the direction of the spool. You may want to countercheck to see if it is rotating in the opposite direction of the spool. If they are all in the same order, you will need to start repeatedly to fix the mistakes.

6. Fold the end of the line

You have completed putting the line on the fishing pole once you reach the top. But when you leave the string that way, chances are, it will slip back and make you start the threading process again. To ensure it doesn’t slip away, you can fold it at the end after the last loop. Tie it at the ends or place a lure or hooks to keep it secure.

7. Add the lure

How to Put Line on a Telescopic Fishing Pole

Please choose your favorite lures and attach them to the line. There are so many types of knots o choose from and use to tie it to the bait to the fishing line. Fasten the knot to keep the lure secure on the line. Your telescopic fishing pole should be already used for fishing.

8. Things to note when threading a pole

All eyelets of the fishing pole should be stringed. Never miss any hole when putting a line to it. Fishing lines come in various options. Sometimes one may run out of what to choose for a telescopic rod. These fishing poles are durable than the regular rods; they, therefore, need a strong fishing line.

Make sure the thread aligns with the reel. Also, there shouldn’t e any tangles line when threading. The fishing line should be smooth to string without any knots.

9. Closing the telescopic pole

When you are done fishing, it is essential to clean your fishing pole and store it. You will need to collapse it to make it portable to carry and for storage. Always remember that no pressure should be applied sideways. Closing it requires you to do the reverse of what you did when opening it. Close it using your fingers only; telescopic poles are delicate and, if not handled correctly, can get damaged pretty quickly. Hold two sections with your hands and pull them in at the joints. Do not force the two parts to collapse; take your time.

Learning how to string your telescopic fishing pole properly is essential for your fishing adventures. Putting a line on the rod won’t take much of your time. It’s effortless when you follow the steps above. When placing a line onto the pole, it is crucial never to miss threading any eyelet. It will affect the performance of the fishing pole. One last thing is that telescopic fishing poles take up a lot of dirt, clean and lubricate it after every use to keep it clean and well maintained.


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