How To Apply Camo Face Paint For

Are you aware of the word camo face paint? If not, then read ahead.

The face paint is used to cover your exposed areas while hunting. Hunting is an art; not everyone can be an expert. It takes time to understand dos and don’t.

The dress you wore during deer hunting is called camouflage, but you don’t only need that. You want something to hide your face as well.

How To Apply Camo Face Paint For Hunting

Camo face paint is the type of color; you can use for hunting. Does Camo Face Painting Is A Good Idea For Hunting?

Hunting face paint is necessary from the ancient era of hunters. When the color was not available, they used black polish to cover their faces. Either they apply the greasy mud to hide their bare skin.

How To Apply Camo Face Paint For

Reasons To Use Camo Face Paint

The critical reason to apply camo face paint is to protect yourself from the animals.

The bare skin reflects the glare of light. It will help the prey to detect you. The oil on your bare face gives a bright reflection to the deer.

Therefore, using face paint keeps you mixed in the environment surrounded. You need to cover your face, including your neck, hands, and head.

Face Masks

Another option for the covering is face masks. When no option for paint is available, you can either choose a mask as per the convenience.

      • There are fit masks in the market; it gives proper shape to your face.
      • Do not opt for baggy masks; it will not only irritate you but lose your vision as well.
      • The monkey masks, the one that covers from head to neck. It is a more comfortable option but only in winters.
      • You can not wear masks all day long.
      • Either it isn’t easy for breathing as well.
      • It depends on you whether you choose face paint or mask for turkey hunting. But camo face paint is a better option, in my opinion.

Different Categories Of Camo Face Paint

How To Apply Camo Face Paint For

The camo face paints are divided into two categories.

      1. Structures
      2. Base

Structure Or Forms Of Paint

There are three forms of paint discussed below. But you can choose according to your skin and ease.


It comes in a compact form with different colors, including a mirror as well.

      • It is quite handy for the hunters to carry anywhere with them.
      • The colors are suitable for every climate.
      • The shades in the compact are excellent as you can create many camo face paint patterns.
      • The pigment pan has the right size and less impossibility to mix.

In The Form Of Stick

The form of stick paint is relatively modern nowadays.

      • Every single person opted for the stick form.
      • You can carry a single stick shade or either three shades in a single stick.
      • Even Two different tints are located on each side of the cylinder.
      • It is quite portable to carry where you want to.


Another form of paint is in a tube shape.

      • The texture of the paint is comparatively creamy than the other two.
      • It is towards the pricy side.
      • You can blend it with your hands, but a lot messy too.

Base Type Paint

You can select the best camo face paint according to the base.

Oil Based Paint

How To Apply Camo Face Paint For

The oil-based paints are greasy in texture.

      • It is suitable for dry skin rather than oily.
      • In the hot weather, it will smudge out.
      • You could not take it off quickly.

Clay Based Paint

The clay-based camo paints are an excellent idea to use.

      • You can easily use it for a whole day without smearing.
      • It will not run like the oil-based one.
      • You can use it for the entire year.
      • It is comparatively easier to remove.

Hunting Face Paint Ideas

The purpose of applying paint is to create an illusion on your face by mixing different shades.

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Rambo Pattern

It is an older version of army face paint.

      • You can add green, black, and green in a different order.
      • Mix them with fingers to give a pattern.
      • You are ready to hunt now.

Fire Pattern

The pattern of paint is darker on the bottom and lighter on the above.

      • You need to color your nose, cheekbones with a darker pigment.
      • The areas of the face should be colored lighter.

Waterfowl Face Paint

The waterfowl paint is the easiest to do with a single shade.

      • Cover higher points of your face.
      • You need to draw horizontal lines above the nose through the eyes, in the form of an eye mask.
      • You can fill that with black face paint for hunting.


If you are a minimal person, then this hunting face paint design is made for you.

      • You can use black, brown and green.
      • Draw simple horizontal and vertical lines on your face.
      • Remember to highlight the higher point of your face.

Techniques For The Application

There are some simple instructions to follow on how to apply camo face paint for hunting.

      • Firstly, apply the base coat in an uneven pattern with a lighter shade.
      • Use darker colors like green, brown, and black to highlight the higher points; nose, cheekbones, and chin.
      • The lighter pigment is used on the eye socket and above the lips.
      • The right side colors should be different from the left side.
      • Do not forget your neck and hands. Either your head if you are bald.
      • Use your fingers to mix the paint.
      • It is all you need to do.

Cautions For Best Hunting Face Paints

There are some tips and tricks while choosing paints.

      • The paint should be scent-free.
      • It has to be water-resistant because you have to hunt in any situation.
      • The camo paint you choose should remove easily.
      • The product must be hypoallergenic and dermatological tested.

You need to choose the best camo paint according to skin type and weather condition. How To Apply Camo Face Paint The product should be high in quality as well.

The steps to apply are explained above; now, only you need to follow the instructions.


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