How Much Water Does Your Tank Hold?

One of the scariest things while camping is running out of water. The RV can feel empty after frequent use, and it is essential to refill it with extra water. Sometimes your campsite could not be having access to any water supply. Apart from just learning how to fill, you also need to know how to go about it when you are not near a water supply. Below are various methods on how to refill freshwater tank during camping.

How Much Water Does Your Tank Hold?

It is essential to know how much water the tank holds before refilling it. Most tanks will have a capacity of between 18-100 gallons of water. Refilling gets easy if you know the volume and the quantity you use daily. This way, you get to refill the tank with the right amount.

1.Refilling With A Faucet

The easiest way to fill a freshwater tank is through a faucet. You will, however, need to be around a water supply and connect the tap to the tank.  There is more than one way a faucet can be used in refilling the tank.

        • Filling Through A Hose

A great way to make it easier for you is by using a hose long enough to reach both the tank and the faucet. Drinking water hoses are locally available for purchase, and you will need to add them to your camping checklist and essentials. Not hoses are meant solely for drinking water. Therefore, it’s necessary to stick to the drinking hoses if you wish to refill the tank with clean and fresh water ready to be consumed anytime. With the right hose, you will never have any bad experiences with the water having a funny taste whatsoever.

        • Connecting The Hose

Let one side of the hose connected to the faucet and the other side to the tank to be refilled. Fit the hose onto the faucet to allow a maximum water flow and ensure there is no leakage experienced. Water is precious and you do not want even a single drop to go to waste. Most campsites will not lack a tap somewhere where you can locate and use it.

Depending on the pressure of the water, the tank will get refilled within minutes. In case you are worried about the water pressure, you can always adjust it with the orange regulator from the hose. The pressure should be too high that it can cause damage to the water pipes. Wait until the tank is fully refilled, as any distractions can make the water overflow from the tank. Most tanks have an overflow valve to avoid spillage.

        • Disconnect The Hose

When it is filled, turn off the faucet and disconnect the hose from the tank and the tap. Ensure you close the tank’s lid to prevent dirt and dust from getting in the freshwater.

How Much Water Does Your Tank Hold?

2Using A Pump

A pump is an alternative method when you do not have access to a faucet. It comes in handy when there isn’t a water supply at your campsite. This method ensures you do not lack fresh water no matter the situation.

        • Have Extra Containers

Have extra water containers. Whenever the tank goes empty, you can use the water to fill it up once more. You will need to fill up the containers with fresh water and keep them on standby when you need more water.

        • Connect The Containers With A Hose

To refill the tank, you will need to have a drinking hose. Connect the hose with the containers and then set up a water pump. You will need to connect the pump to the vehicle’s battery by use of an alligator clip. When it’s fully set up, power the water pump to start the refilling process. There are no special procedures involved in this step while refilling the tank. Just do the exact of what you did in method 1 with the faucet.

3 Use Of Gravity

When camping, you can be sure of having a water supply all through your camping experience. Depending on the campsite, some places may not even have access to a water pump or even a faucet. It, however, does not mean that your freshwater tank is going to stay empty forever. There is always an alternative for everything.

To do this, you should have a portable water container filled with enough fresh water. Locate a high leveled place and climb it. You should be able to tilt the opening of the tank while on that level and also be able to refill it. When you are at a desirable level, take the portable containers and pour the fresh water inside the tank. Continue with all the other portable water containers.

Sometimes you may not find it easy to empty the containers into the tank because of the container’s mouth. If you have trouble fitting it into the tank, have a hose and fit it into the opening. To make it easier to fill, use a funnel in connecting the mouth’s jug to the hose. It might not be the safest option since the freshwater gets exposed to dirt, but it can help you refill the tank.

4Fill It In An RV Dump Station

These designated places for dumping sewages do also have fresh water available for refilling. There are dumpsites all over that you can easily access and get water to fill on your tank. If you get lucky enough, you can get fresh water hookups and worry no more about an empty tank.

Your tank should never run out of water as this is the primary source of water when camping. How you use water in your daily activities will make it run out quickly or not. It is therefore essential to not only learn to refill it but also use it wisely after filling. Refilling a water tank can be done in any place and with any of the above methods. Dry camping should never be a problem if you know how to refill a freshwater tank.


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