BowHunting Turkey

Do you know wild turkeys are famous game birds in North America?

The turkey on your Thanksgiving table has delicious meat. The wild animal has telescopic vision and is eager to respond when called.

Bowhunting turkey is an exciting game for many people. It’s easy to pursue these fantastic creatures in the spring season. They are receptive to calling because the season coincides with their breeding.

A male turkey is known as a gobbler, while a female is a hen. They are challenging to bow hunt because of their excellent eyesight and good hearing. 

An exciting fact of bow hunting wild turkeys is you can speak their language. Confused! Keep reading this article to know some more interesting facts about turkeys.

BowHunting Turkey

Turkey bowhunting gear

Fact: Wild turkey has an exceptional daytime vision, which defeats human vision by three times. 

Wild turkey’s brilliant vision makes it difficult for the hunter to sneak. Hunters must blend with their surroundings for an excellent turkey bow shot.  

An essential turkey bow hunt outfit include

  • choose between face paint and face mask
  • Camouflage hat or cap
  • Camouflage Long sleeves shirts
  • Camouflage pants and gloves

Note: when bowhunting, wild turkey avoids wearing blue, red, and white. It’s the color of turkey heads, and it may jeopardize your safety. 

Some hunters prefer turkey broadheads for crossbows. While others use the same equipment, they use it for deer hunting. Choose the best turkey broadheads 2020 from the archery stores and seek guidance from the experts.

Ground Blind for a turkey bow shot

Experts advise using portable blinds when bowhunting turkeys. These blinds are a saving grace for many hunters as they conceal them for gobblers’ keen eyes. 

The most challenging task for the turkey bowhunter is to draw a bow unseen. Ground blinds are mostly easy to carry and durable in all conditions. 

Turkey Calls

The fun part of actual bow hunting is calling or luring them. There are four necessary calls for options.

  1. Date calls
  2. Box class
  3. Diaphragm calls
  4. Push-button case

Push-button is easy to use model for beginners. It does not require much practice for filtering realistic sounds. However, if you want to lure turkey from long-distance, use box calls. It’s a user-friendly model but requires some practice to make it work.

Slate calls are another continent model that is popular for producing a range of subtle to loud calls. You can lure wild turkeys with these realistic sounds. 

The diaphragm is the multipurpose model but requires expert skills. You have to place the model on the roof of your mouth. Force air through the latex red to produce sound. The best feature for these calls is they are hand free, and you can shoot and call simultaneously. 

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Locator Calls

There are some other calls known as locator calls. These include crow or owl calls, which are significant during bow hunting wild turkey. 

Sometimes gobblers change their direction when they hear Turkey calling. Other times you can shock them with the fantasy of food. All you have too is loudly intimate the sounds of owls, crows, or coyotes. 

You find all kinds of call models in the archery shots. It’s recommended to ask experts for advice before purchasing any call.

The professionals at archery shops can teach you how to use various models. You can ask them any questions related to bowhunting turkeys.

BowHunting Turkey

Different Tactics for turkey bow hunting 

It’s good to know the routine of a turkey before you start hunting them. You should know that a tom settles in at night. They fly back down on the ground in the morning, preferable at dawn. 

Traditional bowhunting turkey tactics strongly advise hunters to use the spring season for hunting toms. You hear their gobbling on every loud noise. 

These sounds are mostly involuntary, which is a blessing for the hunter to locate them quickly. Listen carefully to where the gobble coming from and move in the direction.


Roosting is an excellent method to locate turkeys. You can predict their location in the morning. 

How can you roost a turkey?

Here are easy steps to follow and hint at the gobbler.

  • Visit the hunting site at sunset; you want to hunt in the morning after
  • You will see the signs of turkeys at the site. Use a high point to have a better view and hearing of the toms. 
  • Usually, turkey starts gambling at any loud noise. But it’s preferable to invite their gobbles with subtle sounds like a call for crow or owl.
  • You can use a turkey call, but you can spook them if they have flown to their roosting tree. 
  • If you get a response to the calls, walk 100 yards forward and try again. 
  • The best day set up your ground blind at least 200 yards away from the roosting tree.
  • Conceal yourself in the blinds
  • Start making subtle hen helps to lure turkeys and increase your volume gradually until they respond.
  • Once you see the turkey gobbles back, make your calls occasional and soft. 
  • It’s advised to show patience and do not make calls frequently. 
  • It’s best to play to get and make the toms crazy.
  • Wait until you can draw an arrow for the turkey bow shot

BowHunting Turkey

How To Bow Shot A Turkey

Wild turkeys require careful shooting because of their small vitals area. Patience is the key to any bow hunting game. When a wild turkey comes into the shooting range, wait patiently. 

It’s challenging to pinpoint its vitals and the definition of the body when all puffed up. 

Where do you shoot a turkey with a bow?

The best place to shoot a turkey is it’s lungs or heart area. You can draw a shot in these regions when the gobbler is on broadside or profile. 

Take a look at the turkey vitals diagram for a clear picture. You will learn the atom’s heart, and kings are located behind the point where their wings joined. 

Imagine it’s the gobbler’s shoulder, and it’s an ideal spot to take a shot. You can also make a lethal shot by targeting the head, frontal or rear regions. 

Now your bow hunting turkey venture is successful. You can butcher the gobbler by professional butchers. Enjoy the feast as turkey meat is considered the most delicious organic meat on the market.

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