How To Flood A Field For Duck Hunting

The hunter’s life wouldn’t be that easy unless the plan they have created came out victorious. The 100 Square feet decoy was made for the attraction of the birds. Is it worth it?

You waited all day long; surprisingly, ducks appeared, but after all that anticipation, they flew back.

Does it hurt your confidence? Are you disappointed?

Don’t worry, and you will learn some tips and tricks on duck hunting.

How To Flood A Field For Duck Hunting

You can not fool the waterfowl anymore, but instead, you can accomplish your mission.

There are several flooded field duck hunting tips. It all depends on the decoy spread you have created for the ducks. You not only buy a decoy spread, whether you learn how to arrange it.

How To Flood A Field For Duck Hunting

Flooded Field Decoy Spread Options

When you start duck hunting and step towards finding the perfect decoy spread, you will get to know many options.

The decoys vary from species to sexes and types to sizes.

It comes in standing, spinning, or lying options. You can follow some of them below:


If you want to be perfect, then your decoy spread should be according to the type of hunting. For instance, puddle ducks should be hunted through mallard decoys. But if you want a good hunting experience, opt for a mixed variety of species on a larger scale.


There are not any specific rules and regulations about gender. You can either use some artificial decoys to attract the ducks from a great vision. But for realistic decoy is a better option, for example, hens.

How To Flood A Field For Duck Hunting


The decoys’ size matters a lot because it will help attract the animals towards the field. Therefore, choose the biggest duck decoy so that they can see you from far away. But the difficulty is storing them in a single place.


All the decoy style depends on the place of hunting. 

      • Floating decoys are for water hunting.
      • Field decoys are for dry places or shallow water.


You can attract the ducks into your field by creating physical motion in the decoys. You can go flying or spinning lures but don’t forget to follow the rules about decoys.


Keeps are known as The base of the decoys, which help them not to flip on water. Solid keels are easier to use than water keels.

Duck Decoy Spread For Flooded Fields

The crop spread is the most beneficial for the hunting of ducks in the field. The crop circle decoy helps them in a moderate environment with light and wind.

      • Ducks love to fly, but they are attracted to the green fields to land on the grains from anywhere.
      • The target of shooting is a bit easier.
      • Puddle ducks will land behind the duck already playing in the field.
      • They will land on the ducks without the flock.
      • The same behavior is done by them on floating decoys as well.
      • Small flocks or single decoys are arranged in the form of a circle trap.
      • Nevertheless, in the wind’s direction, the ducks will fly and attack the single ducks.

Flooded Corn Field Duck Hunting Tips And Tricks

How to flood a field for duck hunting in cornfields possible? 

Hunting ducks in the flooded corn fields is one of the tremendous experiences you can ever share. The food and environment the ducks loved in the cornfields.

Therefore, there are some incredible suggestions for flooded cornfield hunting.

How To Flood A Field For Duck Hunting

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Good Spot To Hide

Same as the other hunting strategies, the best one is to find a better place to hide. When decoy spread for flooded corn, you can have hundreds of options to hide from ducks.

      • Hide it by sitting or either standing in between the rows of the crops 
      • You can use a chair for sitting rather than standing all day.
      • Hide a few rows back from the opening.
      • Remember to explore an area with massive rows of crops.
      • Secondly, you can use the option of pit blinds in the flooded area.
      • Put blinds are not only for hiding instead of other hunting alternatives as well.
      • Hiding on the boat blinds but with bushy rows.
      • Boats are comparatively a good option because the flooded water is getting higher.

Placing Decoys Around The Opening

Another trick in the rainy season, hunt on the upwind side of the water.

      • If the wind is blowing from west to east, the ducks’ resting will be on the west side.
      • They will be on the opposite side of the wind, and the water will be tough.

Narrow Openings

Depending on how the duck decoy spreads for the duck hunting flooded field is planned or arranged.

      • There might be some lean tracks in the area, ideal for the hunting of ducks.
      • It also gives you much space to hide.
      • A favorite hobby of ducks is to munch corn all-day.
      • Therefore, when it chases the corn from the narrow tunnels, the more the shooting chances.

Wider Openings

You love hunting different species, then opt for wider channels in the flooded corn field duck hunting.

      • What if you got a chance to hunt geese with the duck? This is a fantastic opportunity for wide openings.
      • Another advantage is that ducks got the luck to swim, eat, and relax.
      • Space should be more than thirty yards.


You need a bird retrieval in your cornfields because the narrow spaces will have the birds there all day long. A hunting bird dog is a great option to cope up with the situation.

Duck hunting in a flooded cornfield will be full of adventure and a lot of shooting as well. Therefore, some of the tips given above for your convenience.

You can enjoy the season full of hunting birds, ducks, and geese. Appreciate your hunting skills as well.


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